Britney Spears Calls BS on Fernando Flores Claims

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Regarding the latest allegations made by former bodyguard Fernando Flores, who is suing her for sexual harassment, Britney Spears has this to say:

The guy lies.

Flores, who says he used to see Britney Spears nude and parading around the house, coming onto him and so on, has come out with even more dirt on her.

Dirt in the literal sense, almost. He says she rarely bathes.

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He now claims Brit was on drugs, farted incessantly, and hardly showered during the time he was in her employ, a relatively short stretch of 2010.

Flores' claims mostly stem from B's overtly sexual behavior, but he says she uses methamphetamines, farts a lot, picks her nose and has terrible hygiene.

The latter three we can sort of see, but who cares. And methamphetamines? Really, Fernando? Don't expect his court case against Brit to get anywhere.

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Eu acho que o fernando qer e tirar vantagens ja que ela e rica e famosa ele e canalha


This guy makes this lies just for money!***k u the golddigggggeeerr.fernando try not to get close to me or else-...!


i met Britney personally on broaway an E3rd street in Manhattan
2005-or 2005
so ,she was very polite shook my had said some complements
Briteny was very very clean ,did not wear too much make up
she was amazing
bye all


I believe the not showering part...she looks a little ripe. If a female staff member made these accusations about a man boss it would be taken seriously. I am not saying that I believe the story but more & more woman are becoming like men & committing sexual crimes.


So she walks around nude@her own home. Who doesnt?
So she farts. Who doesnt? She picks her nose? Who hasnt? She doesnt shower every day. Who hasnt missed a day here or there?
Come on. This guy is out for a big payday.
I doubt Britney is ok yet but shes on the road to being healthy. Im glad shes denying this herself. Stand up for yourself against this money grubber.


yupp BULL$HIT ya'll :)


THGossip, it may sound ridiculous, but I sure do believe Mr. Flores. The girl almost lost it at one point. Why is it so strange for her to be as Mr. Flores stated? She looks like she stinks, honestly. I bet she smells like gas and her perfume Curious.


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