Bristol Palin Just Keeps on Talking About Getting Drunk and Losing Virginity

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We know Bristol Palin is promoting her book and all, but at some point, when it comes to Levi Johnston pitching a tent, even we reach a saturation point.

Last night, Jay Leno became the latest to hear the first-hand account. Sarah's little girl went on to discuss her new chin, which she likened to Jay's.

Obvious as Bristol Palin's plastic surgery is, she says it was done to correct a medical condition. She also shed light on her upcoming reality show.

She's supposedly dating Kyle Massey, who she'll be living with (along with his brother Chris and her son Tripp) on the show. Sounds ... exciting?

With fellow guest Don Rickles serving as a one-man peanut gallery, and Leno being uncharacteristically funny in bashing Levi, it's actually amusing:


What would you like her to talk about? This was addressed in her book. Of course she's going to be asked about it. Such petty criticisms.


Wait... She is claiming that she got her virginity stolen... then keep doing it until she got prego. In her book she claims that she is not going to have sex again until she is married. And now she is going to go on a reality show where she is living with her boyfriend? Great roll model.


I cant imagine anyone bored enough that they'd actually buy this womans book.
The only things she has to discuss are how she lost her virginity & why. Neither of which is interesting to anyone....let alone reason enough to book her onto The Tonight Show.

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