Brad Pitt "Mystery Woman" Revealed; Angelina Jolie "Can't Take It"

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We know Angelina Jolie wears the pants in her relationship with Brad Pitt, but will her insane, jealous rages ultimately drive her man away for good?

That's what OK! surmises in its new cover story.

The Oscar-winning actress is allegedly GOING NUCLEAR over Brad Pitt’s flirtatious relationship - documented in photographs!!!!! - with a young assistant.

Just look at their chemistry on the Malta set of his new zombie thriller, World War Z. He's standing NEXT TO HER! No wonder Angie's blowing her top:

Brad's Mystery Woman!

According to this reliable source, Brad's "flaunting" happiness on purpose!

“Brad resents Angelina tries to control him,” a source says. “He told Angelina outright, ‘I’ve always had women friends, I’m always going to. End of story.’”

Jolie puts on a good front as a woman of confident - even arrogant - sensuality, but the world-saving mom has some insecurity issues, OK! states.

Slowly but surely, it's driving Pitt crazy ... mostly.

“Of course, there’s a part of him - even though he would never admit it - that likes it,” the insider reveals. “Angelina is usually so cool, unaffected."

"She's this kind of untouchable woman, and when she shows some jealousy, it lets him know she has a weak spot - and that she’s crazy about him.”


They need to get a life, It seems that we have to hear every little detail of their life. Is nothing private anymore???What goes around comes around Angelina!!!!


Well thats what happens when you steal a man from another woman... Karma is bad Angie :)


If Brad ever left Angelina he would be labeled the biggest scumbag because of all those kids. They will stay together & she will continue to rule him.


There is nothing good the tabloids can write about Brangelina, you are so pathetic. The two love each other no matter what the heavens say. if you dont have anything positive to write about them, stop writing crab about them. Sies you are so disgusting


Eww. this Brad co star is ugly




Just how dumb do these tabloids think we are? IF Brad was flirting or seeing another woman (seriously), does anyone believe he would do it in public where he can be photographed with her?!?!? The simple fact that it is all out in the open SHOULD be enough to tell anyone (with a brain) that it's a friendship, a working relationship, no big deal. When will the tabloids STOP looking for issues between Brad and Angelina? Granted,put Brad Pitt on the cover of ANY magazine or newspaper and it sells, but instead of looking for trashy gossip, why not print something positive, encouraging and happy? That would REALLY be a first! Personally, I wish Brad, Angelina and their beautiful family every happiness. I love to read about them, see photos of them...but would really enjoy something of a positive nature, just for a change.


"She's this kind of untouchable woman, and when she shows some jealousy, it lets him know she has a weak spot - and that she’s crazy about him.� Baloney! She just makes the front that covers her homo- or bi-sexuality stronger. She use to bed chicks. Now it's guys. Either she's sick and can't make up her mind, or it's all a front to make it look like she and her little family is normal. Were YOU duped by her? ROFLOL


Angelina Jolie jealous? Come on....Angelina shouldn't be jealous, because if she is..Angelina Jolie is not personally happy with herself. Jealous is not love people!!!! If a person is insanely jealous....that person is not happy with him or herself.


Some people act like they know angelina personally. I don't any person commenting doesnt.this insider doesn't know nothing. I saw this story coming days ago please trashy tabs come up with new ideas if you want to sell mags.

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