Brad Pitt "Mystery Woman" Revealed; Angelina Jolie "Can't Take It"

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We know Angelina Jolie wears the pants in her relationship with Brad Pitt, but will her insane, jealous rages ultimately drive her man away for good?

That's what OK! surmises in its new cover story.

The Oscar-winning actress is allegedly GOING NUCLEAR over Brad Pitt’s flirtatious relationship - documented in photographs!!!!! - with a young assistant.

Just look at their chemistry on the Malta set of his new zombie thriller, World War Z. He's standing NEXT TO HER! No wonder Angie's blowing her top:

Brad's Mystery Woman!

According to this reliable source, Brad's "flaunting" happiness on purpose!

“Brad resents Angelina tries to control him,” a source says. “He told Angelina outright, ‘I’ve always had women friends, I’m always going to. End of story.’”

Jolie puts on a good front as a woman of confident - even arrogant - sensuality, but the world-saving mom has some insecurity issues, OK! states.

Slowly but surely, it's driving Pitt crazy ... mostly.

“Of course, there’s a part of him - even though he would never admit it - that likes it,” the insider reveals. “Angelina is usually so cool, unaffected."

"She's this kind of untouchable woman, and when she shows some jealousy, it lets him know she has a weak spot - and that she’s crazy about him.”


to be honest what Angie feels is her personal business


i can imagine that angelina has some problems, as many people do. bi-polar is a very serious disorder only a psychiatrist or pscyhologist can determine. apparantly, their marriage sucks. i wouldn't have had so many kids with a man first of all, then i would have canned him after seeing his flirting.....but honestly, he's like a lot of men. i find it easy to forgive him. it's angelina that had it coming to her after destroying brad and jens relationship. ultimately, it's man that institutes kings and queens, to follow in all their stupidity, God never wanted that, He wanted us to follow Him. but carry on. I thinks that it is fun to see what theses actors and actresses are up to next.


Maybe Agelina just wants to wear his blood around her neck lol


I have never liked the duo(angelina and Brad).They dont click at can really see that angelina is wearing her pants in this relationship. Either she rocks Brad well in bed or keeps pumping kids. To keep Brad away from other women.Its good she tastes what it feels like to be a snatcher.Keep it up Brad! As for sweet Jen ,i am happy she found someone who adores her!i wish her well.


such BS!!!!!!! Crap reporting. Shame


Angie, what goes around comes around. You stole Brad from Jennifer. Now, another woman will steal Brad from you.


Angelina was completely within her right to go ballistic on Brad and his assistant for her openly flirting with him,,,touching him,,,caressing his arm. Huh? This assistant is either extraordinarily stupid and oblivious who she is messing with,,,especially when it comes to Angie. She obvously has a crush on Brad. So, what best for Brad and Angie is this assistant really needs to be fired!


If Brad and Angelina truly loved one another, why haven't they gotten married after all this time? They are ment for one another because they are both whores that want an open relationship. The kids are just tax write offs.


She is not the young sexpot now, she also has six children to consider. I can imagine she is jealous of those free young women who do not have the baggage she has. They are not bogged down in their homelife, they are not stuck with so many things to give themselves too. Seeing him happy with another woman would send her into a fit of jealousy. She cannot stroll around in a bikini anymore, she wore a full wet suit surrounded by beach babes. She went too far, she cannot just stop now. Having his biological children was a step too far. Now he has a lot of power over her, she regrets having his children. Those tattoos look gross, she has ruined her perfect body with them, and she does not eat enough to keep her healthy. How can she be happy living with the fact that other women look fab in a bikini and she does not?


Who cares if that no good piece of trash is jealous! She didn't care when she stabbed Jennifer Aniston in the back? She should just go back to screwing other women and leave Brad alone, she stinks as a mother, feeds her kids garbage, even crickets! Her 5 year old lost 2 teeth already! She is just disgusting and revolting! That said, Brad should get himself a real woman, not a black widow like Angelina.

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