Blake Fielder-Civil on Amy Winehouse: I Could Have Saved Her!!

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How's this for irony.

Blake Fielder-Civil, the degenerate many people blame indirectly, if not overtly, for the addiction problems that clearly contributed to the untimely death of Amy Winehouse, says he could have saved his former wife.

He didn't, of course, because he's in jail as usual.

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Blake's dad, Larry Fielder, says his son knew better than anyone the depth of Amy's drug addiction, and had planned to stage an intervention.

When he got out of jail, that is. March 2012 is his scheduled release date, provided he doesn't commit any further crimes while incarcerated.

It's a pretty absurd statement, given that the co-dependent junkies were entirely incapable of helping the other during a turbulent marriage.

Blake believes it, though, and has been crying hysterically in his cell for days, says his current girlfriend, Sarah Aspin, who visited him in jail.


Ofcourse blake it wasn't smart of blake to introducé Amy to hard drugs. But I also think it was Amy's own choice! She could have said no! I think it's obvious that Amy really loved blake! And i believe they had a special connection that not every one wil find in their lives. I've been in à relationship like them. My (ex)boyfriend also introduced me to drugs, i would never blame him for everything i went through because of my addiction. It was my own stupid choice. I think blake must be devestaded. Amy loved him offiously very much i don't think she'd want us to blame him.


Amy was a raw talent that was nipped in the bud by a talentless nobody, Blake. Monkey is correct in saying what he did EXCEPT... it was Blake that introduced Amy to the S--T that took her life. Even if that wasn't the cause of her immediate death - it caused it longterm. Blake; bury your head in shame. If vulnerable people don't meet these cockroaches, their lives would be hard-drug free! Blake has taken a great human from this planet - not just because of her music, she was "human". Her fame didn't stop her from loving, caring and being "Amy". May your God go with you Amy! xxxxx


I met Amy and Blake. Blake had just gone to the kitchen of the hotel asking for guess what? Aluminum foil!! I saw him and we spoke on the elevator and followed him up to their room, where Amy was putting on her shorts. They invited me to their show. Amy slipped the info under my hotel room.I still have the note. We were in adjoining rooms, that were not accessible to one another, but attached. Blake was no angel. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Was he to blame? Well that's God's judgement.He was gone from her long enough for Amy to recover. She was sweet and the real deal, and truly troubled with depression. But an amazing person who invited me and a friend o see her show in 2008. She was incredible. I will miss her.


Well Blake, you zero lowlife, are you happy that you started her on drugs? It should have been you. Please go overdose now.


It's the modern Sid and Nancy


Maybe he's hoping as an exhusband that he has some claim to her money, so he's making sure everyone knows how much he cared! Him and his girlfriend!!


The way he could have saved her is by him not ever introducing her to heavy drugs or she ever meeting him.


The only person that could have saved her is herself because everyone else she didn't want to listen to.


Even though Amy Winehouse was alright before her death, she may have still had alot of drugs in her system all depends on how much she did and what her level was. And yes we all remembered "Kurt Cobain", "Janis Joplin", "Jimi Hendrix", "Jim Morrison", how about Kevin Dubrow" (lead singer from Quiet Riot), "Elvis Presley", and "Rick James".


Sorry cheif, don't think anyone could have saved her except for herself and she didn't want to apparently.
This was something that we all could clearly see coming. It was just the matter of time.

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