Big Brother Recap: The Mysterious Exit of Evel Dick, and Other Developments

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As we first reported last week and he later confirmed himself, Evel Dick left Big Brother, departing for undisclosed personal reasons on last night's show.

His departure certainly shook things up, leaving the house in disarray.

Which cast member celebrated? Which alliance member was moved to tears? What did it mean for Evel Dick's partnership with his estranged daughter?

Let's break down Wednesday's Big Brother episode, THG style!

Dick and Daniele Donato

Porsche is upset about being on the block. Is this because the veterans are actually outnumbered, or just because she's a moron? Who knows! Plus 9.

No sooner does Dick tell us he loves the nominations than he's called to diary room, he walks over ... and that's it. No explanation from CBS. Minus 15.

The lack of info was so lame, but on the flip side, whatever he had to leave for was important, and private. As Daniele said, he lives for BB. Plus 4.

After Rachel learns and announces the news to the cast. Keith celebrates like a jackass, while Brendon is nearly in tears. Minus 8 for these displays.

Minus only 3, because this does hurt them, but it's hard to feel too sympathetic toward the veterans, since this is their second go-around anyway.

Plus 4 for Daniele not wanting the Golden Key if she didn't earn it, then Plus 3 more for being smart enough to realize what a gift she just received.

Jeff's homophobic rant from yesterday was uncool, but his inspiring speech to the veterans was awesome. This guy should coach basketball. Plus 8.

Keith and Porsche independently decide to tank the Power of Veto competition against Brenschel, Jeff and Jordan, all of whom want to keep the nominations. In short, they didn't even need to hold the PoV this week. Minus 5.

But Plus 4 for Jordan's adorable, legitimate ineptness.

What are Rachel and Brendon's career records in HoH and PoV competitions? Someone needs to research this, it must be staggeringly high. Plus 3.

With that voice, Adam needs to MC every competition. Plus 2.

Brendon and Rachel are smart to reconsider their options and try to cut deals for the coming weeks, but delusional if they think it'll work. In fact, all of this scheming may make them an even bigger target. Minus 10.

Plus 3 for Cassi telling it like it is - no one trusts Brenschel.

Porsche Briggs Pic
Keith Henderson Picture

In the end, they pocket the veto and leave the nominations as is. Porsche mails in her speech in an unintentionally hilarious display of acting. Plus 4.

Keith proceeds to go more and more insane railing against Porsche as the episode goes on, which, while entertaining, is wholly unnecessary because everyone knows she's in cahoots with the veterans anyway. Minus 10.

Even The Regulators can't believe this guy. Plus 3.

It's this instability that makes tonight's eviction kind of a crap shoot. With Rachel and the nominees not voting, that leaves 10 votes. If Daniele, Jeff, Jordan and Brendon all vote Keith out, they still need a fifth vote. Can they get it?

Your guess is as good as ours, which makes for a fun Thursday night! Plus 5.


Who's going home this evening?


i want my husband evil dick and winner season big brother 13 and is my family


It's pretty weird that he's only giving press interviews to rtvzone, and has been non-stop hawking that website and the chats on it since he left the house. I guess the friend only needed enough help until the pr tour and web site shilling could start? No interviews with any other reality sites, at all. It's really unusual. It's almost as if he had a vested interest in driving traffic to rtvzone.


u reckon the law finaly found evil dick lol u got to love the old guy. the hous didnt know wat to do without him tellin them. Just like the last time he played.


So sorry to see Dick have to leave the show! I have watched BB since first season and just loved Evil Dick he is the best!!!!!!!!!


I love Evil Dick he knows how to play people, so it's ashame that he had to leave without saying why....Jeff, Jordan, Bredon, Racheal and Daniele need to really get together think about the next move that will help them get to the top..... Plus Keith needs to really go home I think the housemates have seen enough of his paranoia to what him out the game.....


Keith needs to stfu. He comes off as mentally ill every time he opens his mouth.
I have no feeling about Dick leaving. Hes gone. Lets move along.
This show is wonderfully entertaining & look forward to every single episode. Keep up the drama, mental illness, slop fests & more!


I think that evil dick should at least have a vote this week to balance out the house


Sad to see that some drama is still going on between the father and daughter duo.....Hope they work it out .. Love this show


WE LOVE Evil Dick! It was such a disappointing moment to see he did not return! He has been our favorite since he first played! Sad to hear that he and Daniel still have not worked on things as we love her and our hearts break when it comes to families not working on relationships! We can relate and its just sad!

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