Big Brother Recap: Overplaying Your Hand

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What Wednesday's Big Brother lacked in intensity, cat-fighting and drama, it made up for with the first real signs of complex, strategic battle this season.

The veteran alliance seemed ready to crack once again last night, until it coalesced around a common foe. How will this change the game going forward?

Who ended up on the block after all was said and done? THG breaks down last night's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

Dominic and Adam on Big Brother

There is no real reason Brendon and Rachel have to be in an alliance with Jordan and Jeff. Both pairs know it, and both pairs dislike the other, but they're all patient and forward thinking. No hasty moves = good strategy. Plus 29.

Danielle subtly and casually tries to get Jeff back-doored without mentioning him by name. Smart move ... if she had left it at that. Minus 5.

The Dom-Dani quasi-showmance is becoming kinda cute, right? Plus 7.

Brenchel in the tub. While I'm eating dinner? Not so much. Minus 83.

Dom: "Thanks, Rachel and Brendon, all I need you to do is take me along until I shank you in the back three weeks from now." Plus 3.

Minus 5 for trusting those idiots, though, and for flirting with Dani just a little too openly for that mini-alliance to stay under the radar.

After Jeff and Jordan are picked for the Veto competition, Daniele makes what she may look back on as a grave error. Going all out to lobby Rachel to put up Jeff, she tipped her hand and made herself next week's top target. Minus 8.

Worse yet, she effectively patched Brenchel's rift with Jeff and Jordan. Minus 5.

Hey, we forgot Porsche was still around. That was okay, though, so Minus 3.

Plus 7 for Jeff's Season 11 spelling of "Tectronics," and Plus 6 more for Jordan not wanting to spell "farting" in the competition - presumably because it's, like, embarrassing - then talking about it in the diary room.

SHOCKINGLY, Brendon wins the Veto! Gotta give the guy Plus 4 for being a tough competitor, but honestly, these two are not that brilliant. Step it up, people!

Begrudgingly, we have to give Rachel Plus 10 as well for baiting Daniele, who tried to dial back her anti-Jeff rhetoric. "Do you think it would be good to get rid of Lawon?" Rachel asked. Agitated, Daniele took the bait.

Dominic spills to Shelly and tries to recruit her to play with himself and Dani. She brilliantly sells them out to Brenchel and earns their trust. Plus 28.

Are Jeff and Brendon wearing the same tank top?! Minus 3.

Brendon does not use the veto. Both of the nominees are SURE they'll be all good when the votes are counted, which is always fun. Plus 12.

Dani didn't do him any favors, but Dominic really blew this one himself. You have to be an idiot to throw a veto competition. Dom will probably hear about it tonight when he - as Adam said - is talking to Julie. Minus 20.


Who will go home tonight on Big Brother?


dannys a piece of trash! and wana dumb move 2 listen 2 her and put jeff up now both u dumd girs r goin home! ya by danny! and kaylia or whtever ur name is ur speach abt mom never lettin u let some1 tell u wht 2 do? ya danny just got ur fat ass sent home! smart move fatty!


I have NEVER seen so many dumb people play the game of Big Brother.The new ppl had everythig in their favor and fell prey to the so call star veterans.
Rachel is the WORST player in Big Brother history. She is to emotional and a Big ass cry baby. If someone was smart enough they would play that to their advantage. Keep her upset she can not function then.Her so call punk ass boyfriend is no better he has to spend all his time consoling her. Adam claims he is the walking dictionary of Big Brother why does he not have a better game then he does? Domonic was the only new person that had enough nerves to play his own game just did not have any help:-(
Shelly claims she is so truthfull but she would not tell she waw in with the vets grow up ppl play your game


Dani had it the easiest in the house, couldn't be put on the block, couldn't compete or have to put anyone up & did not have to be a have not. She could have sat back & rode it til the final 5. She picked a bad choice to team up with in Dominic. I don't blame her for getting a side alliance but she went for the cute guy instead of the smart guy or girl. Dominic has to be the worst alliance in BB history.


danny had a huge advantage until she pushed alil too her whole game is exposed

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