Big Brother Eviction: Going Out in Style!

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Thursday's installment of Big Brother was one of the season's best so far, even with little or no suspense regarding the results of the eviction ceremony.

We knew Dominic was going down. What we didn't know was whether he would burn out in flames or merely fade away. It was definitely the former.

The collateral damage was pretty significant this week. THG breaks down last night's eviction episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap ...

Cheers For Dominic

Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan are PISSED at Daniele's meddling. She overplayed her hand in doing so, and yes, it was backhanded. But why the histrionics and vitriol? It's a game based on evicting people! Minus 56 for their collective idiocy.

Jeff, not over-dramatically at all, equates Dom's complicity to murder. Plus 13.

His goal coming in was to spend the summer with Jordan, Jeff says. Aren't they dating? BB is fun and all, but they could do that elsewhere, no? Minus 4.

Dom is grilled by Jeff, but won't blame Dani by name or even utter the words back door. Too late for chivalry and ass-covering, but nice effort. Plus 5.

His ego swelling more each instant, Brendon starts laying into ... Kalia. Minus 8.

Presumably for not exposing Dani's evil plot, which she may or may not have realized the extent of, she's Brendon's new target? It's not clear. Minus 17.

Jeff is intent on not playing a game based on lies ... on Big Brother. Good for you, man. But come on, don't act appalled that others do lie. Minus 27.

At the house meeting, Jeff and Brendon SHRED Kalia. Her defense? "She's my friend," she said of Dani. LOL. Untrue, and a terrible comeback. Minus 11.

Daniele: "Rachel... you're an idiot, first of all." Plus 34.

On the hot seat but honest about her intentions, Dani tells Jeff she tried to get Brenchel to backdoor him because she felt he was a big threat. Despite this candor, Jeff still brushes her aside and scapegoats Dominic. Minus 7.

Lawon hilariously interjects, for no reason at all, that he's in to win! Plus 50.

Big Brother Slalom

His fate sealed, Dom earns Plus 15 for slamming the cast on the way out the door. "We all suck at this game," he said, labeling them "spineless jellyfish."

"If I had someone with a spine to play with me, aside from the last week, there would be a game being played, not what it is right now." BAM! Plus 15 more.

Dani defiantly votes to keep Dominic at least. Plus 6.

Porsche calls herself a "jellyfish" whilst voting in the diary room. She does have a similar brain cell count to one of those organisms. Minus 8.

We're gonna miss Dominic. Sure, he overreached, threw a veto competition when he was on the block, tried to cut more deals than he could keep straight and generally f*%ked up, but the kid had personality and kept things interesting! Plus 10.

Adam and Dom's post-vote farewell was pretty awesome. Plus 4.

Plus 10 for Jordan channeling Rachel in her goodbye video.

Please, PLEASE let Daniele win this endurance competition and become Head of Household! We would also accept Lawon, but ... come on. Plus 7.



Also, is it just me or is this season so far uninteresting? Cassie and Dom were the only one on the other side of the house to have a chance or the gumption to do anything. I would love to see Dani, Jeff, Jordan, and the older woman I can't place her right now, in an alliance.


I think that the veterans sticking together just for the sake of being veterans was a bad idea. Jeff and Jordan would have been better off aligning themselves with some of the new people. They should know how Brendan and Rachel makes enemies. That puts them in the line of fire. I am a Jeff and Jordan fan all the way. I think the way people are portrayed on this show is up to the editors. Except Rachel. You can't fake that kind of idiocracy.


Jeff and Jordan probably would not be able to spend their summer together elsewhere, because, as Jordan stated a couple of weeks ago, they are currently living and working in different states. This is an opportunity for them to be together with no other obligations for three months. I thought her channeling Rachel in her goodbye video was awesome!


Daniele won :(

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