Beyond Breaking Dawn: Bill Condon Teases Twilight Saga Spin-Off

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We'll have plenty more from The Twilight Saga and its Comic-Con panel later today - including never-before-seen footage from Breaking Dawn Part 1 - but this scoop is too juicy to save:

Director Bill Condon just teased that Breaking Dawn might NOT be the final chapter in this franchise after all.

"It's the end of the Bella/Edward story," Condon said. "But there are so many new characters at the end of the second movie that I suspect [Stephanie Meyer] would want to revisit them some time."

THG at Comic Con

What might a new installment be titled?

"Breakfast Time," Robert Pattinson joked. "Brunch? Noon?"

Oh, that Robert.

You tell us: Should the Twilight Saga continue beyond Breaking Dawn?


def WITH Edward and Bella. The complete would not be complete without them wether SM spins the story right and left, or backward and forward! Their presence is significant in the unfolding story of Nessie and Jacob! Yes, don't be stupid Stephanie.


I do enjoy twilight, mainly the books. I would love to read more, but it just wouldn't be the same without edward or bella. I do agree that if they were to continue the series that it should be about their daughter, if not bella and edward


definitely should keep Edward and Bella in the story it wouldnt be the same without them at all so dont do nothing stupid Stephanie.


They so should make another twilight but with out edward and bella no way it wouldnt be as good with out them but i would love to see another with bella and edwards daughter on how she grows up so yes make another twilight light movie but with bella and edward plz wouldnt be twilight without them!!

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