Barron Hilton Hit With $4.9M Judgment in DUI Case

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Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron just got shellacked in court, with a judge ordering him to pay nearly $5 million for hitting a guy with his car.

Barron Hilton was sued by Fernando Tellez, who was working at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway when Barron, then 18, rolled up in 2008.

Hilton was drunk. And allegedly hit Tellez with his Mercedes.

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Tellez's attorney claims he suffered "permanent disability" and has been forced to "undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures" since.

Barron Hilton was arrested on suspicion of DUI at 8:30 a.m. (!!) that day after blowing a .14. Paris' bro later pleaded no contest to the charge.

Now, an L.A. County Superior Court jury has ordered Hilton to fork over $4.9 million in damages, which he disputes, saying he never hit Tellez.

"We disagree with the jury. Barron did not strike the attendant," says a Hilton source. "Barron knows he did wrong. It happened 3 years ago."

"He's been incredibly responsible ever since."


Shouldn't the closing quote have been...."Incredibly, he's been responsible ever since."


Love you, brother, good luck with your future! We all make mistakes, this does not define you. J


who gives a damn what he's been doing "recently"..that still DOES NOT justify his actions when he was under the influence. I mean damn! If he's being "soooo responsible" then let him pay for his ignorance. How responsible can he be if can't even take responsiblity for his damn actions. Instead his parents are in court trying to get him off. ALL YOU DAMN HILTON KIDS SHOULD BE IN JAIL. Had these been regular average people we know they'd be under the damn jail. Oh..with an exception to Nikki Hilton cause CLEARLY shes the only one in the family with her head screwed on correctly. least you had ONE decent child.


Frank: I dont care either.
Its sad how drunks always deny theyve done anything wrong. No contest pleas are for pussies....& it shouldnt be an option.
Spoiled pissant!


Oh brother, here we go again. Do we really have to follow the escapades of yet another rich celeb. jerk-wade...I hope not, who cares!!??

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Barron Hilton Mug Shot
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