Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron: Just Friends!

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It may be boring for the online community to admit, but good looking people can hang out on the beach and just be friends.

Many are having a hard time believing this, following photos that leaked over the weekend of Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron frolicking in Malibu together. While wearing bathing suits!

Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron

With chatter of an affair quickly heating up, and wanting to be fair to boyfriend Scott Speer, Ashley took to Twitter yesterday and wrote:

"Don't believe all pictures. People r gonna come up with stuff to say bc it sells! I had such a great birthday party with my friends, Family, and BOYFRIEND Scott. I will not let stupid rumors ruin all the fun we had! Xoxo"

It's true, people. Wanna see what Tisdale looks like while in a bikini and actually dating someone? Here you go. Notice the hand-holding.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]


well i think that they should go out they are hot apart but together they would be smoking hot they would be the hottest couple in hollywood well i think they should so ashely dump SCOTTT and go out with zac bc its sooo over between him and that bitch vanessa xxxxxxxxxxn(L)(L)(L) (H)


I like to asking you I can date zac efron in personal by beverly ann clark I like him to.


Zac efron is my boyfriend and I have a crush on him to busy looking at fireworks I have a feeling about him a lot and I was thank ing thanking about him to I not car I not care about his money at all I care about him and his feel's and love that all family and friends and kids come frist. One thing one I not I care care about h is girlfriend that is not cool to me at all want she did that awful I love zac efron a lot and more and more he not should that I love him Matter what and I care his moher a lot and family I can see how happy he is of love and stateing a family of his own 100 0/0 away with him and getting to to get older 30 and 40 and beverly ann clark


i actually like them together. it's cute.




such a very disgusting idea! i now hate you zac and ashley! :D


Thank God! The idea of these two together is absolutely disgusting. And it would have completely ruined the idea that a guy and a girl can be friends without the sexual attraction. Otherwise all my guy friends, half my friends, would be very paranoid.

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