Angelina Pivarnick Suffers Miscarriage, Blames Media Scrutiny

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Opening up to Father Albert on his show, former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick says she’s suffered a miscarriage and is no longer pregnant.

Incredibly, she blames this event on the press, which barely remembers she exists as it is, and does so only when she blatantly seeks its attention.

Big and Small

“Everyone in the tabloids and media weren’t really leaving me alone,” she said of her wild past and the supposedly intense scrutiny she's under.

Angelina and ex-fiance/non-baby daddy Dave Kovacs.

“Basically I wanted it to be my personal business and it wasn’t. It was really hard and I went through a lot of stress. I ended up losing the baby.”

Pivarnick got engagement in February to Dave Kovacs - originally thought to be the father - before the two split and she got pregnant in April.

As for the true father of the baby?

“Honestly, it was just a guy I was with. He wasn’t even there for me ... he was tormenting me ... and it was definitely a big reason why I think what happened to me, happened to me. It was definitely a reality check.”

“He wasn’t there for me either. So that was a big thing.”

If she really did suffer a miscarriage (we wouldn't put it past her to make that up for publicity, a la Tila Tequila, just saying), our heart goes out to her.

If she really was tormented by one or more guys, and that in turn resulted in the loss of her unborn child, we are deeply sorry for that tragedy, Ange.

But seriously, blaming the media? Get over yourself.


At the end of the day Media or not I'm still very sorry for her miscarriage. No one makes up pregnancies unless they are desperate and she seemed very happy to have this baby. To all you out there hating on her karma is B*TCH. be careful with what you say.


angelina has proved on jersey shore that she develops her own stress. A.nd her song is so bad omg angelina that is embarassing. Stay in staten island with ur trash bags.


Stress can cause a miscarriage. If she said she was pregnant then she was probably pregnant. Really why is mostly everyone on here so mean to Angelina? So what she messed up in her past we all have! Just let her have a good life with out someone putting her down every step of the way! God is love! I love you Angelina-CarliBeth


I agree, I don't believe she was ever pregnant.


Maury Povich: Are you ready for the result of the DNA paternity test?
Angelina: yes Maury. *frantically fist pumping* I'm 1000% sure that Dave is my baby daddy.. ..looks at results... Maury Povich: You aree....NOT THE FATHER!!!!!! Angelina: Really? It wasn't him!? Forget all of yous!!! Vinny you're the daddy then!
_______________________________________________________ first off..This is Angelina we're talking about. Who in the world ever gave a damn about her? NO ONE. and a big LAUGHING MY ASS OFF for her even mentioning that the press wouldn't leave her alone. DONT FLATTER YOURSELF. SERIOUSLY DONT. To be honest, i don't think she ever was. Just another cry for attention from the f-list jersey shore reject.


Love it when girls pretend there pregnant and then suddenly lose the baby before 2nd term uh this girl is such a trash bag


Don't believe the median had ANYTHING to do with it, but this is still a REALLY REALLY sad story. Poor little baby. :-(


guys i knocked up the staten island sorry but i had to lay sum pipe


I dont think she was even pregnant. Why are sites even posting htis, no one cares about her. Enough already, let her slip into obsecurity where she belongs!!!


its not the media to blam.....

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