Angelina Jolie "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Brad Pitt, Friends Shockingly Claim

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The possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married has received a ton of buzz recently, but as usual, it looks like rumors are just rumors.

Despite a splashy cover story in Us, it's not happening right now.

"It's doubtful it's happening right now," says a well-known, rich member of their inner circle ... one of the lucky few still allowed in said circle.

Part of the reason dish on Brangelina is so hard to come by is that Angelina has cut down on access to the couple, a source tells E! Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie Rules Brad Pitt

What Angie says, goes. That includes Brad's friends.

"Lots of friends used to be very close to Brad before Angie stopped letting any of his friends come around," complains this particular Pitt pal.

The chosen few who have been approved by Angelina - as well as Brad's buddies who didn't make the cut - all agree on one indisputable point:

Jolie wears the pants in the relationship.

"She rules him," complains a formerly super-close Brad pal, who's been iced by Angelina. "You can never put anything past that Angie."

"She's the one calling the shots."

That includes all marriage plans, according to reports, so whatever Brad might say about the kids wanting them to, don't hold your breath.

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Can't stand Angelina Jolie. Wake up Brad.


Obviously, most of you people don't know anything about life. In all relationships the social friends are close to the female. Usually the woman has good sense and only welcomes those friends that are in her guys best interest. Chatham


This info is coming from Hollywood Gossip, therefore, it is gossip and untrue. Eversince Brad and Angie became a couple, so many rumors have been flying around especially against Angie: drug use, lesbian, illicit relationship, can not get along with Brad's parents, etc. Nothing has materialized. Most of all, Angie DOES NOT say anything to defend herself. She does not bother because she is NOT THE TYPE.


Gabrielhues is absolutely correct!!


Wat the hell is wrong with brad? Angellina is full of herself just let him go b4 its 2 late aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!


This news isn't surprising at all. He's such a pushover. I bet it wasn't hard at all to lure him away from Jen.


Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't. The only thing clear to me is that she is crazy. She seems to have settled down lately, but you can hide crazy for only so long. It will surface again. She crazy. Not a huge fan of his either.


ummm every women should wear the pants in a relationship...happy wife happy life HELLO!!


I could care less about Angie and Brad. I think he made a huge mistake leaving Jennifer for Angie. It's all a matter of time before he leaves her for another pretty face. This is Hollywood. Plastic and ephemeral. Nothing lasts. And what shines ain't gold. Don't be blinded by what you see and read.


Absolutely not, don't know where you get your info from as am sure Brad's close frends don't talk about them to tabloids. They are a very compatible couple and have proven that much especially with all the crap that has been disproven that has been written about them every week. Let it go and admit for once they are one of the couples who are happy.

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