Angelina Jolie "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Brad Pitt, Friends Shockingly Claim

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The possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married has received a ton of buzz recently, but as usual, it looks like rumors are just rumors.

Despite a splashy cover story in Us, it's not happening right now.

"It's doubtful it's happening right now," says a well-known, rich member of their inner circle ... one of the lucky few still allowed in said circle.

Part of the reason dish on Brangelina is so hard to come by is that Angelina has cut down on access to the couple, a source tells E! Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie Rules Brad Pitt

What Angie says, goes. That includes Brad's friends.

"Lots of friends used to be very close to Brad before Angie stopped letting any of his friends come around," complains this particular Pitt pal.

The chosen few who have been approved by Angelina - as well as Brad's buddies who didn't make the cut - all agree on one indisputable point:

Jolie wears the pants in the relationship.

"She rules him," complains a formerly super-close Brad pal, who's been iced by Angelina. "You can never put anything past that Angie."

"She's the one calling the shots."

That includes all marriage plans, according to reports, so whatever Brad might say about the kids wanting them to, don't hold your breath.

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If Brad lets Angie make decesions on who to be in their lives there must be a good reason. Sounds like someone complained about getting booted out of their circle of friends again there must have been a good reason. I'm sick of people talking down angelina...guess what Brad is most likely sick of it also! I love them and wish only the best and it looks like they HAVE it!!!


Love them both.


That is their business even though they are international celebrities are they not entitled to live like normal people and then somebody have to wear the pants. I love Angelina and Brad I hope they never separate just hold the fort together. The media just love social scandal all the time.Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Leave my favorite people ALONE.


I will say another thing....personally almost no man likes a woman to wear the pants, but it all depends. If a woman wears the pants in a good way, it's because she not only loves her man so much, she cares and loves looking after him and that's a good wife. If a woman wears the pants in a bad way, that's a big problem which could get worst for a man like Brad Pitt now and later.


This is insane. We dont just judge people like that. Reporters nor tabloid dont know brad and angie personally and i dont think brad or angie's friends will just blab about them like that.


In all relationships the social friends are close to the female??? What a dumb thing to say. And no, there won't be a divorce down the road bc they're NOT married! If you believe the things you read about this couple then you're being very nieve. Don't pretend to know them, or anything about them. You don't.


True love is being equal and if Angie control Brad he will get tied of it one day;this all comes along with maturing!Love is blind but darkness has to give way to light!! Karma,he left Jenn and Angie is going to leave him because what goes around comes back around and she control him too;a sign of "WEAKNESS"!A real woman wants a real man;angie doing the controlling one day she will wake up and say I need a real man!Brad don't know he's making the biggest mistake in his life by letting a woman control him!If he don't make a stand; he will stand for anything!!A word from the "WISE"!!


Angelina Jolie must be so obsessed with Brad Pitt. If she controls him she must can't not get enough of Brad's big ding dong. Brad better watch out and get out before Angelina holds him hostage and not chop off ding dong like that psycho woman from Orange County who cut off her husband's penis and put it in the garbage out Brad Pitt and good'll need it.


I could tell that right away and you can see he does whatever she wants him to do but that will get old sooner than later and there will be another divorce down the road.


He is laid back.Typical man of his age

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