Angelina Jolie "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Brad Pitt, Friends Shockingly Claim

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The possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married has received a ton of buzz recently, but as usual, it looks like rumors are just rumors.

Despite a splashy cover story in Us, it's not happening right now.

"It's doubtful it's happening right now," says a well-known, rich member of their inner circle ... one of the lucky few still allowed in said circle.

Part of the reason dish on Brangelina is so hard to come by is that Angelina has cut down on access to the couple, a source tells E! Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie Rules Brad Pitt

What Angie says, goes. That includes Brad's friends.

"Lots of friends used to be very close to Brad before Angie stopped letting any of his friends come around," complains this particular Pitt pal.

The chosen few who have been approved by Angelina - as well as Brad's buddies who didn't make the cut - all agree on one indisputable point:

Jolie wears the pants in the relationship.

"She rules him," complains a formerly super-close Brad pal, who's been iced by Angelina. "You can never put anything past that Angie."

"She's the one calling the shots."

That includes all marriage plans, according to reports, so whatever Brad might say about the kids wanting them to, don't hold your breath.

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Oh please do get married so we can relish in the pain of another divorce for the ice queen drug addict. I agree poor kids, no matter how much money there is they are in for a rough ride and potential overdose future like their druggie mother. Really who can deny she is on drugs just look into those cold eyes!


No Really!! I had no clue she wore the pants in their relationship! DUH!


"Jolie wears the pants in the relationship." Why is that a surprise. She use to bed with chicks. Now she's just using Brad to bring a "sense" of normalcy to their family to make it look like they're all just one big happy family. Waiting for the little bubble to burst!!! Poor kids, being strung along by their famous gorgeous mother just like Brad is.


I'm not surprised. She looks like a bitch.


I luv Anji 4 what she said about our PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani.




A good lesson for all... We will never know what goes on in ANY relationship. Not even of the ppl closest to us. Having said that, let's not waste our time speculating. Makes no diff anyway. I wish them all the best as I do you, myself and anyone else...


but then I'd be a slave too...!!!!


no kidding???!!! I never would have guessed.....!!!! sjw


Enough to look at photo to understand who of them wearing pants, and even which way.