Amy Winehouse Dead at 27; Found in London Home, Overdose Suspected

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Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in London today.

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    Hi Ali,I'm glad that you liked the songs that I chose.I did enjoy Valerie by Amy Winehouse more than the original. Her voice was so great. There is a song that she sings as a duet with Tony Bennett that is also quite good, it's named Body and Soul', this too is also very jazzy.I tried not to pick songs that weren't too polpuar, but songs that were generally known to the public.I'm glad that you enjoyed You and I which was by Lady Gaga. Everyone knows her for her unique style, but her voice is also spectacular. She too does a duet with Tony Bennett named The Lady is a Tramp', they sound wonderful together as well.I look forward to hearing your native music. I look forward to communicating with you in future and trading more music! Sincerly,Alyssa


    People!! An addiction is a decease and it's not that easy; easy said than done!! This is a tragedy that a young beautiful talentive lady has lost her life! I do know Amy had to be in pain;we as humans will find something to ease the pain! Until you have walked in Amy shoes don't judge her;no one knows what was going on with Amy; but Amy!Give her the respect that all human beings deserve she was not "PERFECT"!! "Who have not sin cast the first stone"?? R.I.P. Amy Winehouse!! "You are at peace now;no more pain"!!


    Her poor family. R.I.P.
    Drugs are something that aren't worth your life. If you ever even speculate the feeling of drugs, DON'T fucking DO THEM.

    When you use it the first time, it feels like the best thing you've ever done, but when it dies down, you feel like crap. So you automatically want more. The second time is OK. Not as good, just OK. Maybe it'll be better if you have more. But the high gets shorter and the crash gets worse and what you never realize is that it will never be as good as the first time. And if you do, it's usually too late.


    RIP Amy I'm going miss the sound of your voice . my heart goes out her family... people shouldn't judge her so much nobody is perfect we all have demons and nasty habits to battle in our everyday lives and she had her battles to fight sadly it took her under look many others not only celebrities this goes for anybody who's a battling addict and trying to fight it I wish u the best of luck. Drugs never solve your problems they only make it worse whatever was eating her away inside I wish she would found another way to deal with her problems ,she died way too soon .




    Amy you will b sadly missed by me despite your adictions u r a wonderful artist all your song r a it my favorite is valarie


    she was too young to die,rest in peace!wake up call to addicts, drugs are a killer.


    RIP Any Winehouse!


    Addiction is an awful affliction, and for people to cast judgement on others with it, is terribly sad as they are unaware and iggnorant! Amy was a young , beautiful and extreamly talented young woman, who was suffering. She sang with a passion that very few people can ever say they have about anything, My heart goes out to her the poor girl, as at the end she was alone, nobody with her, i wish her peace and love, godbless beautiful Amy xx


    mehn...with such beauty,death is what choose in shock right now! It's a pity dat it turned out like dis for u 'Amy',addiction to hard drugs and alcohol,with all respect,REST IN PEACE!! as they say;dead and gone.....

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