Amy Winehouse Cause of Death: "Unexplained"

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Amy Winehouse's cause of death is, as of this moment anyway, still being classified as "unexplained" by Scotland Yard. The singer died Saturday at 27.

Police issued a statement saying, "At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained and there have been no arrests in connection with the incident."

Ever since officials pronounced Amy Winehouse dead, they have been "operating under the suspicion" it was a drug overdose that led to her demise.

However, there is no concrete proof of that ... yet.

RIP Amy Winehouse

Scotland Yard said yesterday that, "Police were called by London Ambulance Service to a house in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05 hours on Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased."

However, a TMZ report suggests that when paramedics arrived, there were still "signs of life," although Amy died before she could be transported.

There is no information on who alerted the police. 

The autopsy, originally scheduled for today, is now slated for Monday. It may show clearer signs of what killed Amy, but right now, we don't know.

It's also unclear if any particular event triggered Amy's demise, though some UK newspapers have pointed to a breakup with boyfriend
Reg Traviss.

In any case, Winehouse had made a surprise appearance at The Roundhouse, an intimate music venue in London three days before she died.

She appeared briefly to support her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, a young, talented singer in her own right, at an iTunes festival concert.

However, fans at the time tweeted that she had refused to take the microphone and appeared fragile and disheveled, stumbling on stage.

Amy recently canceled her own tour after a Serbian concert debacle. Clearly, she wasn't well for months - if not years - prior to her death.

May the songstress rest in peace and be remembered for her unique musical talents more than the addiction problems that plagued her ...


sad she didnt overcome her in peace amy


Everytime I seen a picture of her, I always thought, "Shes going downhill and killing herself slowly. She wont be alive for long if she doesnt stop!". Sadly, I feel I was right. Lets hope she got right with God before she passed. Im sorry her family had to watch her decline and fade before their eyes. Im sorry to hear about another persons addiction taking over their life and quite possibly ending it. Most of all, Im sorry for her familys loss.


I hope this poor girl is at peace now...Whatever demons were haunting her, they are gone now. God gave
to you a wonderful talent, but you could not overcome the calling of drugs and alcohol...We will miss
you Amy, may you finally rest in peace...


Let This Be a Lesson To Others...Stay Away From Drugs & Alcohoal. ....R.I.P Amy Winehouse....Condolences To Her Family


We will all miss you amy espesialy me may you find the rest you desirve


a big loss to the music world.

Patsy collins hood

I REALLY liked her unique voice and style. Obviously she didn't know how unique she was. With her talent.....she could have done it all. But nooooooo....she liked other stuff. I am so sorry she died. I LOVED her music.


its sad to c a young talented singer like you die so young bt have you ever considered the Lord as your saviour I mean I've been there and God gave me a way out of drugs. He is my Lord and he took you away so that the world can c that He still is in control where's your husband,your family wen u needed them the most God was just a prayer away and always on time RIP


Didn't know her, But well Am sad she had to die that way. Alone in bed!!! If drug overdose is what killed her, let it be a lesson to others!! She dug her own grave!!


Rest in peace....a truly wonderful singer, such talent she will be missed....far too young to have died, she still had so much to offer and for the wold to see......a very sad day


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