Ames Brown: Cast on Bachelor Pad!

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The 18th and final contestant on the upcoming season of ABC's Bachelor Pad has been revealed: It's this week's Bachelorette castoff, Ames Brown!

We know. Didn't see that coming.

ABC withheld the identity of the last contestant, only revealing that it was a male who appeared on the current season of The Bachelorette.

Conventional wisdom suggested the villainous Bentley Williams would be a good fit, as would ... any of the guys remaining besides Ames.

Ames Brown Picture

The portfolio manager is a terrific guy, don't get us wrong. In fact, that's why it seems like an odd fit with the likes of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi.

You just fear that he'll be eaten alive by these people ... on the flip side, he should easily be able to outwit them. But does he even need $250,000?

In any case, Ames joins fellow Bachelorette contestants William Holman and Blake Julian from this season. The show premieres Monday, August 8.

The week before that is The Bachelorette finale, with Ben, JP and Constantine still in the running. With Ames gone, who should Ashley choose?


Vienna your true colours are showing you are one weird girl...Drama queen your stores are so much bull.. Everyone can not wait to see you go...


Vienna your true colours are showing on this show... she is one wierd girl...Everyone I know can not wait until she is kicked off.Drama queen drama queen loser!!!!


@james.... u r soooo nasty.... and probably jealous! Ames is intelligent kind good looking sensitive and sweet.... such a good soul..... really loved seeing him on this show... such a refreshing person to have on bachelorette.


We love Ames. Ashley made a mistake giving him the boot. I hope he does well on this show.


Wow @jamie pressley- what an asshole comment. I love Ames, now I'm excited for this show


Wow really??! Ames?? Im surprised he lasted as long as he did on the bacelorette with that five-head and bug eyes. Like he will find love on this show!! Go to the zoo to find your true love!


Haha@being eaten alive by jake & whatshername.
I dont know who this guy is but since concensus is hes a nice guy, so I hope he surprises everyone & kicks butt.

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