Amber Portwood: Still in Rehab, Battling Weight Issues

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On this week's Teen Mom, we got a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Amber Portwood, which spiraled out of control and landed her in rehab this summer.

Well, she's still there, and for the first time since entering Seasons rehab facility in Malibu, Calif., the troubled star ventured out with a staffer the other day.

“They stopped at a Malibu Ralphs market and Starbucks,” a source says. “She looked happy, though her face is rather bloated, probably from the detox.”

Troubled Amber Portwood

Whatever the reasons for her puffiness, Amber Portwood is not happy. In fact, “She’s terrified of getting heavy again,” an insider says of the star.

“She’d lost a lot of weight through diet pills and her busy social life, but now she’s healthy and staying committed to staying substance free."

"Instead of partying she’s watching DVDs in her room. She wants to be healthy and get custody of her daughter, Leah, back," adds the source.

"But getting big again is a genuine fear.”

Body image and self-esteem issues can be serious. At least, if nothing else, she'll look tiny if Gary Shirley is in the same room as her. Just saying.


I thought substances were part of the picture! I found this page not even looking for the topic either, but I am not suprised. Curious to know her drug of choice (guessing methamphetamine is in the pic). Not only did I assume that because of some of her behavoir issues (while Gary has his problems, he's a better parent any day of the week than this trainweck mom), but because of her drastic weight loss. I knew she moved to something illegal to obtain and ultimately sustain the her new frame.


I actually like amber & every one need to leave her alone. She is a 1st time mother & being a teen mom isnt easy & garry doesnt make it any easier he gets on my nerves & I dnt even be around him he know what to do or say to push her buttons!! Amber is a good mom she just dnt take no sh*t from any one as far as the fighting goes garry is a punk no amber shuldnt hit him in front of leah but she got a lil anger in her I understand why & people need to cut her sum slack geesh"it isnt like she shot her fat baby daddy" ps.she looks great after the weight loss:)


shee loooked better big, #justsaying


i don.t watch you on teenmom gary siad go to jial please for leah and gary too


I think Amber and Gary need to stop fighting in front of Leah. They both need serious anger management therapy. Leah deserves better than to be around the constant arguing. If they can't get along they should split up. What do they want Leah to remember about them 10 years from now?


I think she seriously needs to go to anger management therapy. She and Gary are always arguing and screaming in front of Leah. If both of them can't get it together Leah shouldn't be there with either of them! Leah deserves better. You only get one childhood. Amber needs to remember that. Even if her childhood sucked that is still no reason to subject your own child to that. There comes a time when you reach the age of adulthood that you become responsible for the choices that you make in life. What do they want Leah to think of them in 10 years?!


i think she looks better fat

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