Alex Trebek Chases Down Intruder, Ruptures Achilles, Sleeps Naked

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What is... a story we definitely did not see coming today?

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek was awoken in his San Francisco hotel room earlier this week by a burglar. As he relayed to The Today Show this morning, the game show host was in bed at the time, but he didn't take the intrusion lying down. Literally!

“I woke up and saw a figure in our hotel bedroom and I thought I was dreaming,” Trebek said. “I realized immediately that someone had been in the room, and I put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if I could find her.”

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Yes, he put on his underwear, a note that did not elude Matt Lauer, who wondered on the air: "Alex Trebek sleeps in the nude?"

But back to the story. According to Trebek: “She came out of the middle room where the ice machine is, and I said, ‘What were you doing in our room?’ She said, ‘I wasn’t in your room.’ So I said, ‘What were you doing?’ She said, ‘I was visiting friends.’ I said, ‘No you weren’t.’"

The veteran TV personality said he went chasing after the woman, identified as Lucinda Moyers, but soon "crashed to the ground" and "managed to hobble back to the phone and inform security.”

Surgery on Trebek's Achilles heel is scheduled for tomorrow. But rest assured, all you aspiring hotel room vandals out there, he's expected to make a full recovery.



I'm a tourguide in San Francisco, picking up passengers frequently from that Marriot Marquis hotel. But I also have had an Achilles' tendon rupture three years ago, while dancing. It's a long, hard and awful injury for Alex Trebek, especially at age 71. SF is overrun with criminals and loonies due to the SF government insanity. NEVER try to deal with them, from the crooks at City Hall who steal from the citizens to the lone loonies like this woman who breaks into your hotel room. Alex, a righteous man, landing in loony city of the country! Still, they say, if your Achilles suddenly snaps, probably it was going to happen soon anyway, that there were striations and injuries building up over time. Especially true for athletes, joggers, etc... and hobby dancers like me. Now he can sit around for weeks on a couch and watch JEOPARDY!!!

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