Adam Lambert Behind the Music: Sneak Peek!

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Fans can go behind the music with Adam Lambert on August 7.

But they don't need to wait that long in order to get a sneak peek at the upcoming VH1 special.

In the following video, Kris Allen talks about the rivalry between him and Lambert that American Idol tried to push, while Adam then dishes on the media-created controversy of his sexual orientation. Check out the clip now.

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it was avery good special for those who missed it, try to see it if you can.It was good to hear from Kriss, a class act indeed.


Dude, My birthday is August 7th! xD That's so epic! I'm looking forward to this :D


I think they are both really talented and plus they are two different type of artist so you really can't compare. Adam is a popstar while Kris is a singer/songwriter. People are always talk about what a loser Kris is, but I get this feeling he is going to surprise a lot of people, including naysayers. Like someone once told me, It's not how you's how you end. I looking forward to his progression. Also looking forward to Adam's album...actually both of theirs. Speaking of idol, whatever happened to Allison Iraheta? She was a missed opportunity.


Jon, it's not nice to talk about Kris Allen like that. Kris can't help it if he is a loser. So what if Kris's CD's don't sell.


Can't wait!!


Can't wait. Looking forward to it!!


Wow, Kris Allen sunk to a new low by even talking about some fatass fake-ass has-been.