Woman Cries Hysterically Over Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer

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Forget being a Twihard. The woman below is a TwiREALLYREALLYREALLYhard.

After flipping out in an enthusiastically eerie fashion for the Eclipse trailer last March, a certain fan of The Twilight Saga is back again, crying the world a river like it was her own kin getting married or having a half-human, half-vampire baby.

It's really very sad, frightening stuff - and it raises a question. Who is scarier: the fan seen in the video here, or this woman?

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i sometimes want to cry when i remember tht twilight is coming to an end but just like a few tears but not like that lol stephanie should make another book so she can stop crying!


i can understand that some people over do things,,, but for the ones that called her a fat ass just remember that carma is a bitch,,, and u r wrong for the names,, i mean i see that she needs help and some friends are something but that is just wrong,,,


i understand she is overreacting but there is no need to call her a fat a** baby dats really mean and rude be careful wat u say cuz wat gose around comes right back around


Jejus Christ, easilly the funniest thing I have ever seen. And I thought I was obsessed. That was funny.


this is so embarrassing I mean shes making it seem like the worlds gonna fucking end just because the twilight sagas coming 2 a close im get fucking life u stupid fatass crybaby


Thts tooo bad..never been on tht stage.


she needs a life


Wow Laura you sound trashy. Why so mean? I think you're the one that just embarassed yourself.


I feel soooo bad for. She completely embarrassed herself & this vid is going to spread like Rebecca Black's one.


Okay, i hope she knows that there is still one more movie to come out so technically it isn't "The End" until the last movie. I mean i'm a really big fan of Twilight, but wow, i wouldn't react like this. You'll be okay.