William Holman: Axed on The Bachelorette, Cast on Bachelor Pad!

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William Holman, who was sent packing by Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert on last night's episode, will have a shot at redemption on Bachelor Pad this summer.

He becomes the first of the three "mystery men" to join the Bachelor Pad cast, which was unveiled last week, sans fellas still competing on The Bachelorette.

No word if Bentley will join William on the August 8 premiere.

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William's stint on The Bachelorette can best be described as up and down.

The 30-year-old nice guy from Ohio went on an awesome first date with Ashley, but stumbled hard soon after, making her sob during a comedy roast.

He somehow survived that debacle, but shot himself in the foot Monday, sabotaging Ben C. for no reason at all and coming off as beyond immature.

Note to guys: If you describe yourself as a "30-year-old boy" who wants a girl you can "act silly" around "not grow up" with ... you're gonna get dumped.

On the flip side, Bachelor Pad is probably the perfect fit for you.


i think william felt like quitting after that roating is bcos he felt soo bad and felt like nothing could undo his fault..while ashley thot that she had let him down...i mean anyone could see his pure sincerity...i actually admire him for he has balls to quit(almost i mean)...i mean that obviously shows that he felt sooo bad and guilty..i reaally wish william is the one who marry ashley..poor william :(


To William--Please don't EVER lose your self respect and dignity
for this creepy self ambitious, self OBSESSED worm of a woman.
You are funny, adorable, a bit behind your maturity level for 30,
yes, but still an okay guy. You speak badly of yourself because
of this creepy woman who can't find a man at her age. Get over
your neglected child problem. Say goodbye to your creep of a father who didn't have the BALLS to raise you and chose to drink.
Become your own father, heal yourself and get the life you deserve now. (And that does NOT include the childish misguided
child of an alcoholic desire to be a comedian. Grow up. You
have a maturity problem- not a woman getting problem.

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