When Basketball Wives Attack: Meeka Claxton, Tami Roman Throw Down!

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There's some bad blood on VH1's Basketball Wives. Shocking, we know.

This runs a little deeper than your run-of-the-mill cat fight, however. Cast members Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman decided to settle their differences at a nightclub the old-fashioned way: With fists of fury!

The slugfest went down in Rome, Italy.

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Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now, with Meeka accused of creating animosity among the cast.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome, Tami decided to confront her rival with a knuckle sandwich.

Who even writes that? We do, apparently. Stupid word choice aside, a full on brawl broke out and ended with Meeka Claxton drilled in the mouth.

No one was seriously injured, but between this and Ronnie pounding The Situation, Italy is gaining a reputation as THE D-list reality star fight locale.

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Damn! I wish that royce could of have got evelyn like i wanted her too. To me, evelyn talk too damn much and just so freaking evil. Its funny that evelyn can step to royce, but cant do the same to tammi. Now, tammi and royce are my girl's. Them two women, keep 100% real on the show. I like jennifer too, but when she around evelyn, jen just become so damn fake. Shonnie! I just damn dont know about her. New chick meeka, i see shit starter. Tammi need to ring meeka neck like: a rag towel asap. Now for susan, she like a peace of meat that is just stuck in between ur teeth and u just cant get it out.


Heard bout Tami handlin Mz. Meeka..lol Now its Evelyn's turn. Think its real sad she can fight lil Royce but when Tami stepped to her she needed 'the hood'. R u serious. leave my girl Royce alone. Mz. Jenn. how come u only have balls round Evelyn. u r a wanna b.....somebody..really


Tami can beat every Ho on B.W.'s and you ho's on here talkin shit could get it too! THAT'S REAL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree.. Tami is a beast and I cant wait until she hits the right person and gets her face split open.. She thinks she's the only one who can talk sh*t...Since when do you have the right to hit people simply because you don't like what they are saying.. She has a serious problem with her hands and love to play the weight game. In do time..just you wait...


I am finding the show less entertaining since Tami was casted. Why is that when african american women act ghetto some african american females say they are just keeping it real. Tami, needs to learn how to compete without fighting. Ghetto is Ghetto!!!


hey i cant stand those fake ass fremales,Jennifer, Eveyln,and Shaunie, are all fake as hell/Tami is the real as they come. Give them hell girl.


I think those two women have settled the conflict in a more civilized way. To think they are wives of one of the popular basketball players.


Evelyn hold it down fuck Tami she from the hood me to in you just can't go around fuckin with people in sayin shit in thank nobody gone do nothing come again I wish I was on there I'll show Tami some hood shit


Beat her ass tami and the rest of them stuck up bitches evelyn and jen and shaunie


Tami is a ghetto beast from hell.

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