When Basketball Wives Attack: Meeka Claxton, Tami Roman Throw Down!

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There's some bad blood on VH1's Basketball Wives. Shocking, we know.

This runs a little deeper than your run-of-the-mill cat fight, however. Cast members Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman decided to settle their differences at a nightclub the old-fashioned way: With fists of fury!

The slugfest went down in Rome, Italy.

Meeka Claxton Picture
Tami Roman Picture

Meeka Claxton (left) and Tami Roman (right) have been on frigid terms for months now, with Meeka accused of creating animosity among the cast.

Meeka denies the accusations ... but during a recent taping at some nightclub in Rome, Tami decided to confront her rival with a knuckle sandwich.

Who even writes that? We do, apparently. Stupid word choice aside, a full on brawl broke out and ended with Meeka Claxton drilled in the mouth.

No one was seriously injured, but between this and Ronnie pounding The Situation, Italy is gaining a reputation as THE D-list reality star fight locale.

[Photos: VH1]

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i like seeing Tami, cuz she really knows how to end cheap talks.


I agree that this show has set black women, and women in general, back! I used to like watching it, but now i feel embarrased everytime I do! I think all these women need to take etiquette classes! And need to do more positive things with the money and fame that they have slept there way into! They all need to grow up, and stop acting like they're still in high school with their talk about who's in the circle! Seriously! you're all paid to be on the show! so obviously no matter what comes out of your mouth, you're all in the same damn low-life ghetto circle!!!


Oh yes people. Tami is real! Tami is a real low life self important ghetto piece of scum. She is a pathetic example of a human being and is completely focused on control of others. How anyone could think this is a good thing is a concern.


The show is Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto. They have set black women back 20yrs.
Yes women fuss and argue but all the ghetto fighting in public is just ridiculous!!!They make all black people look bad. Its like watching a train wreck, people will feel compelled to watch but nothing good comes from it. Yes they will get rating for all the fighting but they are not doing women or blacks any favors. Shanie is just as ghetto as the rest of the ladies, she just likes to do hers on the sly and then let someone else take over for her. Supposedly wealthy intelligent women but they all act like 18 yr old high school girls. What will their children think of them. So sad...another missed opportunity for black women to show the world just how classy black women can be. It's no longer the white media stereotyping us, black people do it to themselves now days!


Do you all think that Shaunie is not behind these antics on Basketball Wives? Well she is because this show is a cash cow for her she don't care about none of them all she cares about is the ratings so she can make that money and make a fool out of all them girls on the show!!!


Let me clue you guys in on Royce and Shaunie. No one has been reading. It has been rumored that Shaunie's eyecandy, Marlon has been texting Royce and buying her expensive gifts with Shaunie's money. MEka is so messy. She's worst than infantile elementary student. she deserved a good ass whipping. Real talk, black women should be represented more positively. but it it, what it is. Ladies, let not forget where we came from. peps n just entertainment!


tammi IS a real b!tch...a real HOT ASS GHETTO b!tch!!


If Tami wasn't on the show who would even watch this boring crap. She's real talk. Be real or get knocked the hell out! Although I don't condone violence, Meeka greasy face, always talking self deserved it. Maybe she'll keep her fat mouth shut going forward. #teamtami


this show reminds me of why i tell my son to stay single and reevaluate his surroundings if the sisters he encounters are catty materialistic shallow immature hoodrats like these women. i watched the show for the beautiful women but the ugliness they possess inside has soured me on watching further.


i like royce but she is a little skank now tammie is my girl and i am so happy she finally wooped that bitch mecca's ass!!!as for evelyn,shaune,and jen they are some wannabe boogie bitches that really needs to look in the mirror cause they know their stanky asses is dumb and ghetto as the next hoe from the progects ha ha ha thats coming straight from d-town baby now put that on k104fm hello deedee,lady j,and watz his name.