Weston Cage, Son of Nicolas Cage, Hospitalized After Brawl, Held For Psychiatric Evaluation

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Nicolas Cage's son, Weston Cage, was taken to the hospital by ambulance after he flipped out at a restaurant in Hollywood yesterday afternoon.

Reports say his trainer told him he couldn't eat something on the menu. For some reason, Weston simply went off, pushing the trainer violently.

The trainer took Weston Cage down, and someone else tried calming Nic's son down, to no avail. Weston got up and continued freaking out.

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When the police arrived, they told Weston that if he didn't get on ground they would tase him. Weston then complied, but was cuffed and strapped to a gurney.

Police say they it's unclear if Weston was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but they were clearly concerned that he was unstable and needed restraint.

Weston was taken to a local hospital where he is being evaluated.

One source says that Weston got into a nuclear argument with his new wife, Nikki Williams, that morning and she stormed out of their house.

It's unknown when he will be released, but Nic Cage jumped to the 20-year-old's aide and was there with him while he was transported by ambulance.

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Serenity rocks and you can't get a better eirvew than that.No doubt all to Sophia's credit I am sure.Speaking of Sophia and since I know she reads these comments just to hear from me where is that picture for your Brunette of the Week posting? I know you haven't had a moment to think about it since you have been taking care of Neil, but don't forget your biggest fan!!!


Goodness gracious, he looks like Elvis Presley!!!!!


Nick's son is quite handsome and has dreamy eyes! He must look like his mother..


Nic should not have put Weston or his trainer into this situation, he would have been better off asking the police to trace him, which I'm sure the police would have done given who he is and the fact he is suffering what seems to be quite a serious mental illness. I hope he gets the help he needs in hospital then is placed under the care of his mum, she seems to havea more stable idea of what is right for her son, and knows what's right for him won't always be what he wants. Someone with a mental illness needs quiet, not the hustle & bustle of a hollywood life which he would get with his dad.


Weston is a typical Hollywood blue blood punk who has never done Anything and had everything handed to him karma is a bitch hey Weston!


his wife looks alot like casey anthony at leastin th pic that was provided whenyou click on the link


Aww, he's too young to be married only 20? Of course the blowout with his wife must've done it. He was already on the war path it just so happened that his trainer was the one who he blew up on and the no to the food just sent him over the edge, poor kid. He'll be fine though and I hope him and his trainer can make amends and laugh about it together one day!


He is cute. He had a breakdown so what. Everyone has one at sum point. He just happens to be an actors son so they make it public. They wouldnt make public the good things he might have done becuz thats not drama. the world eats up drama not good deeds


These people need to stop all the drama. They all need to find a cause and pay it forward. Stop indulging in yourselves. It's not all about you. Stars don't appreciate what they have and go crazy over stupid things.... Get a real life focus on others maybe all your worlds will change for the better. Stars spend too much money on drugs, drugs and more drugs. Pay it forward, find a cause to better our world. I could think of hundred things to spend the money you have instead of wasting your life away on drugs, drugs and drugs. How dum and boring, selfish, and stupid. Spoiled, spoiled and spoiled. That's what happens when you don't have to work for anything and everything is given to you.


You call that cute, I call that embarrassing to Nic Cage. I would be embarrassed to claim him as my son. WoW if he isn't on drugs maybe we all should be. lol

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