Weston Cage Fires Kevin Villegas After Street Beatdown; Both Parties Investigated

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Weston Cage has already fired and may press charges against the man who beat him senseless in the middle of a Hollywood street this week.

A Cage family friend reports that the man who unleashed the beating - Weston's now ex-trainer Kevin Villegas - has been let go. Stunner there.

Moreover, Villegas is the target of a police investigation.

The LAPD is also investigating Weston himself, however, as he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to roundhouse kick Villegas in the face.

The pair THREW DOWN outside a Hollywood restaurant, where the incident took place. Weston was hospitalized to undergo a mental evaluation.

It's still unclear what exactly caused the Villegas-Weston Cage fight, but it didn't end well for Nicolas Cage's 20-year-old son, that's for sure.




You both are stupid!! Who are you? Do you even know anything, my guess probably not. Why don't you get your facts straight before saying stupid shit!


The man should be in jail for beating Weston Cage. That was
pure rage the "trainer" was inflicting on him and he was deliberately beating his head into the street as it hung backward over the curb. Why someone didn't kick the shit out
of the trainer to stop him is what is unbelievable. I would have!