Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Ryan Dunn's Funeral

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The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again.

The notorious, radical Kansas group responsible for protests at the funerals of gay rights supporters, Iraq war veterans, Elizabeth Edwards and innocent children alike, announced plans to picket the funeral of Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

In the news release, titled "Ryan Dunn is in hell!" Westboro calls for the picket due to "vulgar stunts" and involvement in MTV's Jackass franchise.

Dunn, R.

The 34-year-old Dunn perished in a car crash early Monday morning, along with friend Zachary Hartwell. Dunn was driving drunk and very fast.

Ryan's death has generated controversy in part due to comments by Roger Ebert, who criticized his apparent drunk driving the very same day.

It's clear Dunn's bad decision making played a role in his demise, along with Hartwell's. But both men deserved to be buried in peace and remembered fondly by those close to them without Westboro Baptist Church's meddling.

We're not advocating any sort of violent confrontation by any means ... but let's just say if Bam Margera and the Jackass crew decided to f*%k with the Westboro peeps via some elaborate pranks, we wouldn't stand in their way.

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I never knew such a thing existed... Funeral picketing?? and from a church.....? I am glad I have been taught by a good church which stands for a loving and peaceful way of life. Everyone is a sinner this church needs to learn "He without sin cast the first stone" Shame oh Shame on you Westboro Babtist church.


The wmbc shouldn't talk. They're all high and mighty about everything and their leaders daughter had premarital sex with her cousin and birthed an incesual child! That's some real "godly" behavior. And I feel like I can criticize them as much as I want because I admit to the bad deeds I do but they hide and lie about theirs. I will never have any respect for a church as hypocritical as theirs. NEVER! Ryan Dunn grew up near me and everyone knew him as a wonderful, giving man with a huge heart and sense of humor. He will be greatly missed around the Philly area and everywhere his family and friends live. Rip man. Fly high and live free.


They sound like a bunch of losers that found a way to get there 15 minutes of fame, and don't care how they have to get it, sounds like a cult rather then some so called church, can't wait til one of them die so we can picket then for picketing, and they can't say shit about it


This is just horrible what they are planning to do at his funeral. R.I.P. Ryan... Let the family and friends mourn/remember Ryan without anyone messing that up.


This is awful.....let the man rest in peace....I just hope if the Westboro Church is planning on doing anything the day of Ryan Dunn's funeral.....that the American Spirit and Journey for Justice cycle group shows up to stop them!!!!!!!!!!!


capri...my God is an awsome God...I don't know what god WBC worships or pretends to serve, but it's not the loving, forgiving, compassionate God I pray to. My God is here and now, but He gives us all free will...that's why Ryan was able to drink so much and still make the decision to get behind the wheel...and why people like the idiots as WBC do the moronic things they do. God tries to guide us when we truly ask for His guidance, but He doesn't force His will upon us. vicki.."faggot f**k"? That's hate speech right there. Kind of hypocrital, isn't it, to criticize WBC's hate by using hate language yourself? And if you are truly calling him a homosexual, why? They denounce homosexuality, and homosexuals tend to be way more sensitive...I don't know a single LGBT who would do any of the things those creatons at WBC do. Words cut somtimes as sharply as a knife.


Everyone deserves a dignified burial....and a so called church shouldnt be exploiting the event to mock the dead & garner more press for themselves. How very christian of them.


no freedom of religion has nothing to do with their behavior and their behavior isnt christian like as christians we are not supposed to judge nor be hateful yes stand up for our belifs but in a godly way what this church is doing does not sound godly at all more like hypocrites yes he made a mistake he shouldnt have been drivign drunk that was dumb but obviously he paid the price for his mistake let him rest in peace


Ryan was a decent n wonderful man who made 1 poor decission. If there is n e 1 who can say they've NEVER made 1 poor choice, allow them 2 cast the 1st stone. Otherwise, f all em! Let these boys R.I.P. and leave their loved 1s to mourn n peace. I pray 2 God should this "so~called church" show their sorry asses, the whole cast opens a huge can of "whoop~ass" on em all.
2 "randyjacksonbutt", take ur ignorant~ass, b.s. hater comments n shove them up u hater ass. Ryan n Zac were some1's sons. Brother. Husband. Show some respect or get the f' off this page. Its 2 show love n respect, not 2 yrash the deceased.


Yea Bad idea Jackass crew will defiantly take a stand against them. I am in the military and my " Death Letter" the letter that is pre written just in case i so happen to get killed in action states to my father who would be crushed and probably would kill himself if i passed away so my request is if they come to my funeral to shot one of the bastards. They are a pathetic excuse for Christan let alone a waste of space of human life

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