Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Ryan Dunn's Funeral

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The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again.

The notorious, radical Kansas group responsible for protests at the funerals of gay rights supporters, Iraq war veterans, Elizabeth Edwards and innocent children alike, announced plans to picket the funeral of Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

In the news release, titled "Ryan Dunn is in hell!" Westboro calls for the picket due to "vulgar stunts" and involvement in MTV's Jackass franchise.

Dunn, R.

The 34-year-old Dunn perished in a car crash early Monday morning, along with friend Zachary Hartwell. Dunn was driving drunk and very fast.

Ryan's death has generated controversy in part due to comments by Roger Ebert, who criticized his apparent drunk driving the very same day.

It's clear Dunn's bad decision making played a role in his demise, along with Hartwell's. But both men deserved to be buried in peace and remembered fondly by those close to them without Westboro Baptist Church's meddling.

We're not advocating any sort of violent confrontation by any means ... but let's just say if Bam Margera and the Jackass crew decided to f*%k with the Westboro peeps via some elaborate pranks, we wouldn't stand in their way.

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dunn u did sum crazy shit but ur gunna be missed by so many ppl and dunn R.I.P. We are all gunna miss you


are you serious??...this is insane!!...wtf is this church thinking...this is the first i have heard about what they do from being a fan of Dunn and Jackass i have paid attention to the storys around it and found this one....i swear if i was anywhere around any of these church protesters i would end up in jail..no matter who's funeral it is...By far this is not the place to put up any type of protest...its absoulutly sick and something seriously needs to be done...i just might have to find there home base and give them a face to face visit!


Your going to be missed so much. Loved watching all you guys on Jackass. Not gonna be the same without you there.


kill em all fuk those crazy church cocksucking peices of shit


These Dumbass' can try to protest ! I know, None of the guys and there following are gonna put up with it !


No matter if they didn't agree with what Ryan did, there's no reason to protest at a funeral of all places. Churches are supposed to promote love, and not hate, so this that church is wrong for that.


let ryan rest in peace no matter what the outcome if paid the highest price for one bad judgement and i for one won't judge him for that we'll miss you ryan x


i say just kill them all. then they cant sue :)


Honestly, the picketers aren't going to get anything out of it considering he's dead. Why put themselves through all that trouble when they are just going to be ignored? Honestly, they should think twice because it's just going to be a waste of time.