Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Ryan Dunn's Funeral

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The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again.

The notorious, radical Kansas group responsible for protests at the funerals of gay rights supporters, Iraq war veterans, Elizabeth Edwards and innocent children alike, announced plans to picket the funeral of Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

In the news release, titled "Ryan Dunn is in hell!" Westboro calls for the picket due to "vulgar stunts" and involvement in MTV's Jackass franchise.

Dunn, R.

The 34-year-old Dunn perished in a car crash early Monday morning, along with friend Zachary Hartwell. Dunn was driving drunk and very fast.

Ryan's death has generated controversy in part due to comments by Roger Ebert, who criticized his apparent drunk driving the very same day.

It's clear Dunn's bad decision making played a role in his demise, along with Hartwell's. But both men deserved to be buried in peace and remembered fondly by those close to them without Westboro Baptist Church's meddling.

We're not advocating any sort of violent confrontation by any means ... but let's just say if Bam Margera and the Jackass crew decided to f*%k with the Westboro peeps via some elaborate pranks, we wouldn't stand in their way.

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I love how people are just hating on Ryan Dunn and his actions by saying how he is going to hell, that's what he gets, etc....and, of course, he shouldn't have done what he did, but we can't change the past. In reality you are just being a sinner in your own words....no one sin is worse than another.... You are suppose to love thy neighbor. . . not hate on him and tell him he is going to hell...now that's not very Christian (or whatever religion you are) like of a Christian to be posting on here....can't we just let him rest in peace and let his family and friends mourn and not have to continue to anguish even more with pain with all these remarks?...Ryan Dunn R.I.P the Lord forgives and I hope to see you one day again in heaven.


Hi this is Satan, I mean I love this church, right? Consequences for your actions, imagine that? You drive drunk you kill your friends and yourself end of story. Next time take a cab JACK-ASS.
I love being me, people actually think I exist, they even think a heaven exist and a hell, but as soon as one of their beloved loved ones is killed or murdered or commits suicide then it's all ok brother, it's ok brother you killed yourself and your friend and disgraced your life with an exclamation point of TRAGIC PROPORTIONS BUT IT'S OK BROTHER R.I.P. You people are all insane, you call yourself christians most of you I'm sure yet you don't even follow your own instructions and you're so very inconsistent. Just sad really. Get a life and make some memories of your own life instead of watching other idiots like the JACK-ASS crew make their lives more miserable.
Much Love,


that church needs to be ashamed of themselves this is them trying toget famous off somebody eles may they burn in hell hes family and friends are going through enough RIP Ryan Dunn


You will be missed brother. As far as this church....get a F'n clue. Jackass has become a part of my life and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of other peoples. Fucking with the military is one thing the people there have to hold it togather. But the cast of Jackass do you think they will?? Leave them alone to greive in peace cause you basterds are F'n with the wrong boys. All you "church fucks" will get what you deserve in the end!!! RIP Ryan and to all the Jackass boys I'm greaving with you!


Dear douche bag christian group: What the fuck is wrong with u ppl? This is a time for mourning not criticizing. So Dunn made a bad choice; he was fucking human we all make bad choices from time to time. Who the fuck are any of u to judge him? Funny i thought that was Gods job to judge ppl. And u call urself "christians"? LMFAO!! U will be the ones in hell u inconsiderate heartless bastards! RIP Ryan u will be greatly missed!


I think these people are sick. Let these poor people greeve for there loved ones in peace. They need to rethink there opinions because they are so off. Its crazy.


It is not a church it is a terrorist organization that the U.S. should consider to be a public enemy!


Honestly.. these people make sick.


If he is in hell there is a party waiting but honeslty fuck religion,there asking me to belive in someone thats in the sky,well can ibelive in fairys and unicorn... Ryan you will be missed brother


I think that church has to be closed down.