Vida Guerra Twitpic Causing Major Stir Online

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Voluptuous Cuban actress and model Vida Guerra is making a late run for Twitter pic of the week. She also look like she's having a nice time in Miami.

A photo she recently posted is causing quite a stir on the social networking site, heating up the Trending Topics like Vida heats up a Florida beach.

Needless to say, there is some BOOTY on display in the photo, as Vida Guerra is lying face down with a big hat and a pretty much useless g-string.

Take a (borderline NSFW) look at it after the jump ...

Vida Guerra Twitpic

urallfucken haters my ass! first of all u dumb bitch, aint nobody jealous of shit and u da one who fucken ugly hoe! first of all if u look at her before and after photos, her ass noticaby looks bigger than before, true enough she had an ass, but she enhanced it and got it bigger! so what! u the one who a hater because i work out and have a REAL ASS, better yet MORE so fuck u bitch!


vida does not have a fake ass u dumb ppl yur jus mad and jealous vida looks way better than yu ugly hoes


FYI, The only thing fake about Vida Guerra are her breasts. Everything is all natural.

Wv peach

Fake ass, fake boobs, and seemingly fake attitude.....really Vida? These plastic women give girls the wrong impression about their bodies. Better get outta the direct sunlight Vida; silicone ass implants get squishy when too hot!


You see at least this much skin on random girls in the clubs. This pic is not shocking.


fuck im jelous i wana go on holiday too!!!!!!!!! on the beach, enjoy the sun and the waves... aggghhhh lucky people :(:(


lol tru wats the big deal? we all have one XD


It's a butt! Whats the big deal?? smh

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