Vicki Gunvalson Defends, Loves Brook Ayers

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On Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last Sunday, Vicki Gunvalson fired back against charges that she's in love with a man who neglects his kids.

Asked about Brook Ayers - the man this Real Housewife of Orange County has been allegedly dating before she even split with husband Donn and who was arrested twice in 2010 for not paying child support - Vicki said the media "doesn't tell the whole truth."

Vicki Gunvalson Reunion Pic

“I knew everything. There wasn’t any secrets and lies," Gunvalson told host Andy Cohen of reports she was duped by her boyfriend.

Vicki even penned a letter to the judge after one of Ayers' arrests, asking her man get released from custody. Is that because she is in love with Brook, Cohen asked?

"Yes, Vicki replied, who must have been lying when she said she felt guilty talking about her divorce and her relationships on the show.


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Icky vicky who do u think u r so full of ur self u lie the whole time an i think u werent always working like u said a million times i think u were cheating on poor don with a guy that has all the qualities u hate or so u say get real an have recpect for others u silly women


vicky you have a tongue like a viper and judgemental and I'd like to borrow the mirror you look in every morning, you sad pathetic excuse for a woman, trying to keep up with your stupid idiotic pal Tamra who is evil to the core, I hope you get the sh-- you put on Don and your family, believe me you deserve it,


Can't believe how much Vicki's boyfriend looks like Don. New isn't always better. I was actually afraid that Don would end up with Jeanna. I use to think she was a nice person but, she seems to be the craziest of them all. I wish I could find a guy like Don, he seems so down to Earth.


Vicki is trash just like her good friend Tamra, what are the 2 witches going to do when they have to face Gretchen and Slade. The are both HYPOCRITES, bashing the hell out of Slade to Gretchen and all along the fat bit*h is cheating on Don with a DEADBEAT DAD, who has also done jailtime. So freakin funny. KARMA BABY!!!!


Icky fitting 4 such a b#tch. Cant stand her self-rightous butt. 4ever got her nose in the air..haha may Don have the last laugh at ur expense. hope he gets a lump sum from her ass in a divorce settlement not 2 mention hope urr new boytoy teach u a lesson on real people and real life. He sounds like a dead beat. Hope u get what u deserve...nothing..hahah


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Icky Vicky! Ha I love it. That's perfect!


She never showed an ounce of respect toward Don. Her leaving was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He's the greatest guy that, in his words, deserves dignity and respect. Now that Vicki's gone, I believe he'll find it. What goes around...


This woman is such a prude & a hypocrit. (see Gretchen & Slade) Don deserves much better than this woman who didnt have time for him except when it suited her. Vicki, karma will smart & not in a good way. :)


Good old lying icky vicki. Hope Don does wonderful,he deserves so much better.