Two Kids and Counting: Josh and Anna Duggar Welcome Son!

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Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their second child yesterday. Josh is the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who have 19 Kids and Counting.

Anna had the baby four days earlier than expected. She and Josh are not ready to release the name publicly yet, but are staying with the "M" theme.

Rielle Hunter Baby: Frances Quinn Hunter

Weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs., 5 oz., the unnamed male youngster (Matthew would be our personal choice) joins big sister MacKynzie, 20 months.

The newborn, who arrived in the family's Tontitown, Ark., home, certainly has enough doting relatives, with 18 aunts and uncles as well as his sis.

One of his closest-in-age playmates is Michelle's youngest, Josie, who was born very premature in late 2009, but is now a healthy 17-month-old.

"I think of Josie being born at only 25 weeks," Josh told People, "It makes us think about how precious life is and what a blessing each child is."

Congratulations to the happy, growing family!


congratulations josh and anna as i have suffered from miscarriages i find it a joy to see people sticking to their beliefs and accepting each child as a gift from god considering the amount of teenagers from the age of 13 giving birth all over the world remember the quote JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED to anyone who has a negative comment about the amount of children that michelle and jim-bob have each child is a blessing and they could not be born to a more moral and god loving family thanks for the message you give michelle and jim-bob wishing you all good health and may god bless you and your whole family xx


I love hearing about them and the children !!


How many kids they have are their own business


His name is not Michael Robert he has a name


Are they planning to do what joshes parents have? I hope not but anyways we shouldnt talk down or have "sarcasm" towards them...atleast they are taking care of their kids and have all of them...lets get mad or be smart asses towards the people that have kids and dont take care of them or have them took by cps cus of their lack of parenting ...I mean seruisly are u being a hater cus that really has nothing to do with u...


His name is Michael James not Mason Riley, they can choose any name they want.


Julie: Mason Riley is a stupid name and it is not your child so why suggest any name? His name is Michael James. Name your own child what you want


I never knew Anna was pregnant again. By the time 2020 comes I can't wait to see and hear, how many kids Josh and Anna have and even the Michelle and Jim Bob. If I do remember from some french website my biology or geography teacher was on, it said the max amount of children 1 woman can bair is 22 or 25 (don't remember the number) ~ Just tell you since this thinking about this family jogged my memory of a topic i learned.


i think michelle ,jim bob,josh and anna are doing a great thing its amazing how God has blessed them!i love the show and want a lot of kids myself ,i appericeate how they worship God on their show ,cause its hard to find good God glorifing TV.they wear modest clothing ,dont even have a tv and they are taking care of their kids NOT letting the state!!! GO michelle ,jim bob ,josh and anna thanks for setting a great example [im 13 yrs.old ] thanks


anna and josh babys name is micheal james

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