Tracy Morgan Visits Nashville, Makes Amends

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The Tracy Morgan Apology Tour stopped by Nashville yesterday, the city where the comedian got himself in trouble on June for making strong anti-gay remarks.

The 30 Rock met up there with Kevin Rogers, the man who first reported Morgan's rant on Facebook. He apologized to him (Rogers accepted) and also to another couple that attended that show.

""From the bottom of my heart I apologize to everybody who I offended with my words on stage in Nashville or anyone else." Morgan said at a press conference put together by GLAAD. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."

Elke Kennedy, whose son was killed because he was gay, was present at the event.

Morgan's trip follows a similar one he made to New York over the weekend, where he met with troubled teens who had been kicked out of their homes due to their sexuality.

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What an epiphany. Would have preferred if he talked about the deep seeded homophobia that inspired his comments in the first place, not just "sorry I said it." The same is owed to any African American who is called the "N" word. Just saying sorry isn't enough. Talk about the attitudes you've held and why you are starting to realize that's wrong. That approach would resonate with far more credibility and sincerity.