Tiffani Thiessen to Justin Bieber: Back at Ya!

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Look out, Selena Gomez. Tiffani Thiessen is coming for your man!

We kid, of course, but the actress made a funny statement at this week's premiere of Horrible Bosses, donning a Justin Bieber t-shirt in response to that singer's outfit at last weekend's MuchMusic Video Awards.

Pretty funny stuff on both sides...

Justin Hearts Kelly Kapowski
Tiffani Thiessen T-Shirt

Good luck competing with this, Zack Morris.

The White Collar star says she asked the show’s crew to get her help her attain the Bieber items in New York’s Times Square in preparation for this appearance.

“They’re all over the place,” she said of the tops. “I have, like, nine million of them in my apartment right now. So if anybody wants Justin Bieber T-shirts, I’ve got them.”

Uh-oh, Tiffani. Do you have any idea of the chaos you just created?!?

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I WANT ONE...I WANT ONE!!! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER...and I'm not even a Teenager! This was super cute...I LOVE IT!!!...and I LOVE THIS STORY!! It's great to see a cute story like this instead of the usual SNARK-FEST we see online! KUDOS Justin!.. Justin Bieber started a T-SHIRT FRENZZZY.... cause in the link below, we have Mr. Belding, wearing ZACH, wearing MARIO, wearing SKREECH, wearing KELLY KAPOWSKI, Wearing JUSTIN BIEBER!! MY MIND IS TOTALLY BLOWN BY THIS!!..HILARIOUS! LOOK AT LINK BELOW!! http://wapo.st/mskX8M


Can I get one

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