THG Asks: Should Chris Brown Offer a Real Apology to the Gay Community?

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    Freespirit i like ur swag am with uuu.


    U guys should just leave christ alone,he just trying to be who he is,i know he might've offended many but u've to lockup as if nothing like that ever happen.And to u christ hide ur pride and apologize is not a big deal to say u're sorry 4 ur comment,don't keep ur FANS waiting 4 the word.Don't 4get that pride blindfold.


    Leave Chris alone, he made a video with Justin Bieber.Shouldn't gay people be happy with that?What more can Chris do?Justin Bieber should come out and defend him.


    Chris brown should be in jail and neutered!!!!


    No, she should just shut up and go away forever


    What the hell is happening to America??? Every freaking body is offended by everything. I swear I could give two sh*ts about gay people, but now their whiny asses are started to effect my freedom of speech. So yeah now I'm starting to dislike them. Keep pushing faggots..your gonna push everyone away.


    Of course i will get mad if somebody call me the word nigger not nigga. I have watch movies b4 when i seen different race used the word nigga not nigger. Like i said it depend on how others use the damn word nigger. And people need to stop being such babies by using the word gay. I have two gay cousin who have used both words faggot and gay to other people.


    Hey dumbells, using the word "gay" as an insult, which, he clearly did, perpetuates homo-hating. It certainly wasn't meant as a compliment. And don't give me this, everyone says Nigga' bullshit. Blacks, maybe. If a white person said it, all hell would break loose.


    Another friggen story involving same sex oriented ppl being offended. Harden up! I call friends, family 'gay' all the time aswell as 'eww u ugly' or 'ewww black shet' it aint no thing. Just kick back. If I were gay I'd be scared that all these heteros think I'm a cry baby and the stigma may stick??... Pretty sure not all gay ppl are whiny or offended when others use the word gay!!! Ugly shets...


    Some may not have been offended by his comments but others were. Its to those people that apologies should be said to. But any attempt from Chris Brown would be half asses & totally without feeling. As long as 1 person is offended & voices it, we as fellow human beings should be respectful of those feelings. May come a day when we require others to respect how we feel.

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