THG Asks: Is Rihanna a Bad Role Model?

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Today, THG Asks: Is Rihanna a bad role model?

YES by Hilton Hater

Rihanna can't pick and choose when to be a role model.

After Chris Brown savagely beat her face in, the singer spoke out about being a victim. She tried to let other women know that violence can happen to anyone, even an A-lister.

It was an admirable effort to serve as someone to whom battered females can relate. But now, with the PTC criticizing her "Man Down" video, she doesn't want the burden.

She's hiding behind the nonsense that celebrities have spewed for years, dating back to Charles Barkley's 1993 Nike commercial.

Should famous people be role models simply because they are good singers, actors or athletes? Of course not. But are they? Without a doubt.

Yes, parents bear the responsibility to teach children right from wrong. But, as Rihanna herself Tweeted, we're living in the REAL WORLD. In that world, whether she likes it or not, a top-selling recording artist absolutely is looked up to by millions.

Why not embrace that role and make the most of it?

No You Di'nt

NO by Free Britney

Rihanna is right in that she should not be considered a role model at all, but even if you label all celebs role models by default, you could do worse.

A singer whose lyrics and videos can be violent, provocative or suggestive at times? Sounds like ... nearly every rock star in the past half century.

We're really going to single out Rihanna? Countless stars - many of them critically beloved - are far more suspect in their art and personal lives.

More importantly, looking up to any singer as a role model is absurd. She's an individual who entertains with her art, which can be controversial.

A well-rounded, well-raised youngster will be able to keep their core values intact while still being entertained by Rihanna and her counterparts.

The PTC chastising her is nonsensical. Artists are free to perform as they choose in our society, and society is free to embrace or reject them.

Expecting every singer, actor or athlete to behave perfectly at all times, rather than trusting parents to take responsibility or young adults to respect the boundaries between art and life? That is the wrong message to send.

THG Asks you ... is Rihanna a bad role model?


Video show real bad taste and some video as well but that life we are in now... Peoples are not going to talked until we turn in blue face..


Free Britney, definitely right.
If you do your job as a parent well, your kid will look up to you and try to embody you as a human being, not Rihanna and co. Watching things like 'Man Down' and 'Telephone' and 'Can't Be Tamed' will not influence a kid to act that way at all unless you are a failure as a parent.


Just because a singer or entertainer is famous doesn't mean that they're obligated to model appropriate behavior for children at all times. Rihana is a 23 year old pop star with no kids. It's unrealistic to expect everything she says, wears, and does to be appropriate for little children. Any adult or teenager who pays attention to Rihana's work knows that IT IS NOT AIMED AT LITTLE KIDS. Would you take an 7 year old to a PG-13 movie and then get angry about parts of it being inappropriate for that kid's eyes? Music videos are works of fiction. And it's useless to get worked up about every moral issue in a work of fiction. The purpose is to entertain , not to set moral standards. People need to stop repressing these starlets and let them live their lives, be themselves, and express themselves through their art. Stop expecting them to be perfect examples for kids all the time.


I like rihanna and i love her music. but i have to agree with hilton hater. it irks me that so many celebrities refuse to acknowledge or admit that no matter what they are role models whether they want to be or not. rihanna said herself the reason she left chris brown after the pictures of them both in barbados after the incident surfaced was because she did not want young girls to think it was okay to remain in an abusive relationship. so obviously she was aware that she is a role model and now shes not?


NO! as usual freebritney always makes the right option......




Im comment that rihanna went on 20/20 saying she want to be damn role model to little girls. Then all the sudden she dont want to be one. To me thats playing games, and she is confuse about her life. Therefore she is a lying, in my eyes. I never think that being abuse is a joke, so u r right i dont know riri and i did see that damn interview.


Naw she wants to be like Lady GAGA and start controversy she wants attention and leading to her quote that this is art with a message .....I highly doubt it -____-


Regarding what you said about how looking up to any singer as a role model is absurd. yes, it is absurd but that doesn't stop kids and teenagers from doing it because they can't discern since they're still developing their personalities.
you also said that a well-raised youngster will be able to keep their core values intact while still being entertained by Rihanna and her counterparts. true as well, yet that kind of a teenager, who is able to keep to his values, let alone have them, is extremely rare. what about the others who are influenced by the scenes they see in the clip. the influence it has can be immensely destructive because it operates at the level of the unconscious. if you ever get influenced by something it will be in an imperceptible manner, not visible. so theory is simple, but practice, that's a totally different thing


the video is wrong simply because it glamorizes violence, it makes Rihanna appear like a victim who is rightful in her decision to kill her attacker. it is a good thing to speak up against violence but i see absolutely no way in which this clip helps reduce this problem in our socety. and that thing she says about not being a role model..her words are contradicting. she doesn't want to set an example for anyone yet she wants others to take her example and face up to their aggressor and not be silent about their ordeal. like huh?

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