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All you haters are right on target with Paris. No arguement here. She really is a worthless sack of shit. All that aside, however, I would totally fuck that skinny bag of bones 10 way to Sunday and then lay a big warm rail of man-goo across her sassy little gullet. To that end, any guy on this website who claims they wouldn't fuck Paris would probably prefer to eat a heaping stack of grimy dicks just to lick a guy's hairy butthole. That, my friends, is what is commonly referred to as a homosexual.


For real, who cares? She's just another dumb spoiled blonde bitch who's reputation, reputably, is built on partying and drinking and being super rich. She is beyond recognition and I think, if we just leave her alone, she'll wilt and die just like all the other stinkweed of Hollywood. :|


Just tell me why we are still allowing her in the news? She isn't newsworthy! "Paris, get a job, a real job like we all have to. See if you can survive on the money you get from a 9-5 job." Can someone tell me what her talent is to deserve the headlines? She and the Kardashians should all be made to live like the rest of us and see how far they go. UGH


Whos falut is it? she does what she does and gets lots of money, all the other suckers pay and she still gets more... shut up and dont buy and that is all!


Oh WHATEVER. She pulls profits from that sex tape every single time someone faps to it. Also, there are people serving 5+ years for smoking weed in thier homes, but she gets busted with CRACK on several occasions and b*tches about community service??

I. Hate. That. Bitch.


This girl needs a "reality" check.


She deserves to lose all her money and get a real job like the rest of us. Porn star and All Round Self Absorbed Spoiled Brat are not "career" paths.

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