The Warrior Lashes Out at Hulk Hogan

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Some WWE feuds never die.

The Ultimate Warrior, who squared off against Hulk Hogan in an epic Wrestlemania VI (in 1990) match, has posted a bizarre rant on YouTube. In it, the former grappler is pissed that he and Hogan aren't close. He also says Hogan has been rude to The Warrior's fans on social networks.

Or something like that.

It's all very sad, really. In the wake of Macho Man Randy Savage dying, we'd have hoping all WWE stars would have been brought together.

But not these two. In response, Hogan Tweeted:

"Don't worry about the warrior he had his chance and couldn't perform right anyways. Trying to get his one last shot."


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*He, not *I. LOL - some may argue a freudian slip.


Warrior is such a pathetic wash up. He thought that once Hulk passed the torch, his star would shine just as bright, and it obviously didn't. Why? Because you have to be more than a two-dimensional performer to make it to Hulk's level in wrestling. He was always jealous of Hulk and always will be. He is just trying to drum up some hype. I really needs to go away. Oh, and if he is going to start spewing about Hulk's 'partying' days - Hulk already owned up to that in his last autobiography. In short: HULK RULES FOREVER!!! BRRRROOOOTTTHHHEEERRR!!!!


Kick his ass warrior you da man!


Dude, have some respect.


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