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America got it right. The only one I would have added is Frenchie and made it a final five as a surprise. In all, better talent than idol and likely x-factor. Sorry Simon. I also found the genuine comments from the judges refreshing. Idol tried too hard this year to be nicer and it came off insincere. Nice job NBC and the Voice. One final prediction. Javier will win and Dia is the runner-up.


while i appreciate the talent pool on this show the premise itself is cheesy & corny- you're absolutely right about 50/50 vote...what's the point of being a judge? why have teams? they don't compete as a team only against each other & the judge only has to choose the best singer to win! what about the dumbass turning of the chairs? the boxing ring? adam was wrong to dis adam & yes he did it on purpose...that song was huge! adam has a habit of dissing american idol already. can not really stand to hear christina utter any of her nonsense any more! on that note javier & dia rocked & either one will be a fantastic winner!


Apologies for the Casey mixup, guys. That one's on me. Fixed.


uh.. Casey is a female. Anyone else catch this flub?


First off..Casey is a "SHE" so it would be HER whole career ahead of her! As for Adam Levine and a so called "Lambert diss"...he doesn't know him... is that so shocking? Many people don't. Not everyone watches Idol, and he was so long ago, and haven't heard anything from him in awhile. What's wrong with that? Adam Levine is a Grammy winning music artist. Lambert is "15 minutes" and it was up 2 years ago now. GO DIA and JAVIER!!!!!


When I first watched The Voice, I assumed it was going to be a rip-off of The X-Factor, a spin on Idol and which has been running in the UK for years. A strategic spoiler for fall's launch of X-Factor in the USA. In fact, The Voice has been way superior to Idol and Factor, largely down to the rarely seen network additive of kindness and encouragement for the contestants. The excellent judges have each done themselves a deal of good by making what appears to be a genuine commitment to their respective teams - and the contestants, well, i enjoyed all eight performances on Tuesday and thought Wednesday's cull seemed fair, although I will miss Nakia and Xenia. Bottom line, The Voice went from Zero to Hero in my book. I hear it is being picked up by the BBC in the UK, so good luck with that Syco!

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