The Voice Results: Who Made the Finals?

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Tuesday night, The Voice top eight performed for a spot in the finals. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton scored their team's singers. Those scores, along with America's votes, determined who advances.

So who got sent home and who's on to the final four?

Before we get to that, the show opened with all eight semifinalists singing a medley of "Freedom" and "Faith" by George Michael. It was pretty great:

On to the good and bad news. Each coach submitted a score, dividing up 100 points between their two members. America's votes were then added in, with equal weight, establishing who advanced and whose dreams ended.

Follow the jump to see who survived ...

Vicci Martinez defeated Nakia

Cee Lo gave Nakia, whose Adam Lambert cover generated some online controversy this week the slightest of edges, with 51 compared to Vicci’s 49.

But it wasn't enough. America’s votes pushed Vicci’s score over Nakia’s!

Javier Colon defeated Casey Weston

Adam Levine was the only one of the four judges to take a real stand in this part of the complicated show, giving Javier a strong 65 to Casey's 35.

Levine said Javier needs his help to get over the top and win this thing now, while Casey is young and has a whole career ahead of her. True.

Dia Frampton defeated Xenia

Blake was legitimately proud and appreciative of both singers and couldn’t even bring himself to give one singer a higher score than the other.

He did a 50-50 split. America picked Dia.

Beverly McClellan defeated Frenchie Davis

Christina also took a flier with a 50-50 breakdown. Sorry, that's weak, they should have to at least make it 51-49. What's the point otherwise?

It was a tough call, we'll give her that. Both singers were great, and it was sad to see one go. But the viewers decided their finalist is Beverly.

What do you think? Did the voters (and judges) make the right decisions? Who do you think will triumph among the final four standouts?


I think America got it right, the only one I wish could have stayed around longer was Nikia. Frenchie has a great voice and she gives good face but realistically she's way to big of a women for America to really take her serious; that's a sad fact but, sex sales records and personally I wouldn't be in a rush to buy her record or watch her videos.


I love this show and it has been a great first season. Judges outstanding and very caring of their teams. I personally felt that Casey was robbed when not given a higher percentage by Adam but that was his choice. My first choice is Dia and Nicci would be my second choice for the top spot. I wish all four contestants the best---you are all very talented and should do well in the music industry.


I still don't Javier, I can't stand hearing him sing. And I'm sorry to see Xenia go but look forward to her album, her competitor that won is forgettable, seeing as how I can't remember her name. I like Frenchie but agree that Bev has a voice that absorbs you into the song.


I love Beverly, her stage presents takes it all. She doesn't seem scared like the rest. Her voice stands out and is different. Great personality. Good luck. I watch American Idol and Frenchie didn't stand out then either to me. Sings great but she is just not for my ears.


I am excited that the best moved on however Nakia was wonderfully throughout the whole series I am sure we WILL HEAR HIM A LOT on the top 10 music charts. My prediction for the winner is Beverly.

Dean clark

Total far as Adam and his dumb ass reason for Javier..he had his shot and blew it....Casey should of move on...such whimps....and as far as Christine...another one that thinks they are doing the "Biggest Loser" Show...~~~


It is true. Adam is the only one taking a stand. I agree with him: Javier needs this more. And he is great anyway. Hits every note. I also agree with others saying the Voice is superior to Idol or X factor. Really love it.


I think Adam should have picked Casey Weston , and Christina you should have picked Frenchie Davis. That's just wrong. Casey I belive you should have one. This is just coming from my choice of mind i'm just 12 years old so Casey you were the best and Javier you sing like a girl. So Casey you did your best , and your the best.


Right on every Pick, I think two were no brainers in Javier Colon and Dia Frampton as good as I feel for the other two I feel equally as sad for their counterparts Nikia and Frenchy they both can blow. This show kicks idol butt!


The voice has been great and all four
Judges are awsome.they have great
Chemistry amongst one another
Blake is like a big brother figure,great sense of humor,genuine Christina Is a strong woman who holds her own celo is sincere a teddy bear Adam is wonderful and adds he never forgot how he started out and he's about never give up for example colon in the finals on his team.these four judges I'm a fan of each of them. The talent of the singers is impressive I would not want to have to pick (judge) you will definately be hearing the others on the radio who did not make it to the finals . A shout out to Carson daly also great job.I can't wait until the finals. The voice is a class act all the way! T

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