The Voice Recap: Who Got the Chop?

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After last week's performances, Team Christina Aguilera and Team Blake Shelton both saw their numbers cut in half last night on The Voice.

Two moved on from each team. Two went home.

Meanwhile, Team Cee Lo Green and Team Adam Levine performed and will face the chopping block next week. It's quite confusing, we know.

So who's moving on to the elite eight and who's likely to join them after powerhouse performances this week? Let's break it down below ...

The Voice Judges Panel

Christina is crying. This is the toughest decision EVER. America voted to save Beverly McClellan, leaving Xtina to name the second survivor of the evening.

She adores everyone, but ultimately, Frenchie Davis moves on. Fitting that a pair of bald divas will be representing together (they're also the best singers).

Now for Team Blake. America saved Dia Frampton, while the country star cast his vote for Xenia, sending the two boys home in a bit of a surprise move.

Who will join Dia, Frenchie, Xenia and Bev in the final round? Teams Cee Lo and Adam laid it all on the line last night to make their case. Videos below ...

Team Cee Lo is up first. Singing sisters Tori and Taylor Thompson do their thing on “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” They're quite the act, to say the least!

Team Adam’s Casey Weston is up next, singing KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." She was out of her comfort zone, but did she kill it?

Vicci Martinez takes on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” sitting on a small circle with her guitar. The ambiance was different and her voice sounded strong.

Devon Barley did not wow the judges with his rendition of "Stop and Stare" by One Republic. The original song is significantly better. Bad sign ...

Nakia gives one of the best performances of the night with the Kings of Leon hit “Sex on Fire.” He sounds like he could front that band in a pinch.

Jeff sings “Jesus Takes the Wheel” and while we love any homage to our girl Carrie, this didn't quite pass muster. The outfit was also a distraction.

Cee Lo chose “Addicted to Love” for country Curtis Grimes. It was cooler in concept. He sang in what sounded like one note and with little emotion.

Closing out the night is Javier singing “Angel” from Sarah McLachlan. Maybe the song itself is just really emotional, but he sounded pretty great.

Well? Who do you think was the best of the bunch? Do you think the singers eliminated after last week's efforts deserved to go?

Sound off on all things The Voice below!


I have to admit, I was hoping Tim or Devon would stay in. Devon because he breaks the mold, sounds good, and came a long way. Tim simply because he nailed it. But the choice was tough and it was certainly made.


I love Xenia! I knew she would be Blake's choice regardless of how America voted. There is something so fresh and new about her. I love her voice and singing style. No, she is not a polished mini-Xtina nor a screaming diva. I love her understated style. Not crazy about Beverly or Frenchie for that matter. I've grown tired of that belt-it-out, over the top singing style. I think that's why I like Xenia. I hope Blake works with her and develops her as an artist. I for one would buy her record in a heartbeat. Sweet girl.


I thought Nakia did an amazing job... He has one self released album on iTunes and one EP... Both has their moments, but they are not as polished as he appears to be now. I think he is really learning and growing based on what I've seen from my research of the contestants past. As much as Javier is pushing Vicci I believe he is scared of Nakia's talent and powerful voice. I think he's really milking this show to get a ton of free publicity... He's even marketing clothes on his website now! Doesn't seem like an artist to me.


Casey was really good; I was pleasantly surprised because her talking voice is quite aggravating; I thought she did a really good job with her song. Nakia was 'da bomb' - he stole the show and the stage, in my opinion. I wasn't thrilled at all with America's or Christina's choice for her team; not thrilled with either. Love the show, but turn the mute on when some of the singers sound horrid - like Curtis and Devin - and, unfortunately, Jeff. Wouldn't miss this show for anything, although I think one year is enough; don't think I will be as enthralled next season.


I liked Vicci and Nakia, and from Adam's team Casey and Devon(although it wasn't his best performance).I don't know what you see in Javier - I can't stand him.


All of the singers have prior experience. That is the concept of the show. They have all worked as singers and performers and most, if not all, have recorded but their careers haven't taken off. This is their chance to become a star and get exposure for furthering their stagnant careers. The coaches (not judges) each have the commections and ability to get them to the people who can give the publicity, music, and recording them need to make into a star. It does not have the same concept as AI who choo totally unknown and undeveloped talent. The Voice is for people working for a living singing but they haven't made it big, YET.


Beverly was fine as Americans save but Christina should not have chosen Frenchie, she isn't that good. I don't see her selling. If a stint on Broadway didn't do it for her than this show isn't either, because she is just fair, not good. I agree with Dia being saved, and maybe Blake did the right thing using his save because he can work and mold her. I think the Tori and Taylor were good, Nakia very good, Vicci pretty good, and Javier Colon excellent. Cee Lo didn't chose wisely for Curtis, and I'm not at all sure about Devon and Casey, and Jeff. None seemed to have a song they could shine with. I wish Javier didn't muffle some words but overall he was super.


Javier and Casey Weston were the best! Adam has a kick-ass team!


I so agree with Christina's choice! And I sorta agree with Blakes but I woulda picked Jared. I liked Devon, Nakia, Javier and Vicci's performances the best!


I love TheVoice

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