The Voice Performance Finale: Final Four Galore!

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The final four contestants on The Voice took to the stage a total of eight times last night.

We were treated to one original song by Dia, Javier, Beverly and Vicci; along with one duet with their Coach. The praise flowed all night from the judges, but viewers will get the final say.

Did Dia's hip version of "I Won't Back Down" win you over? Or were you instead moved to tears by Beverly and Christina teaming up on a version of "Beautiful?"

Check out all the performances below and don't take too long trying to determine which was best. The winner will be crowned tonight!


I think Juliette is fantastic. She is our new ROCKER girl. Janis, Pat Benatar the list goes on. Vote for the new rocker. She came from nothing and representing a group that needs someone new. They are all great but she is our new female rocker. GO JULIETTE. Come on rockers vote for her!!!


I was disappointed because Adam picked Javier as his "person" at the beginning. He picked Casey to go to the semi-finals because he was afraid that Jeff Jenkins would eliminate his "person." If all the coaches were like Christina and Blake, it would have been great. Christina and Blake were true mentors. Like I said, Adam's main goal was to take care of Javier, and Cee Lo was only interested in Cee Lo. I think that the voters should pick the finalists without the coaches having any input. If the coaches were like they were supposed to be, they would have done what Christina and Blake did.


@leashkeeper: Let me guess, you're one of those losers who is STILL whining about the national anthem incident, right? It's time for you haters to MOVE ON. It was a MISTAKE...I'm sure you're familiar with those and have made some yourself. Anybody who's still bothered by that needs to grow up and stop being such a damn perfectionist. No matter how much you hate on Christina you'll never be as talented as her...and judging by your bitchiness, you're probably not as pretty either.


This show was a BIG disapointment I hated it. The duet with Christina and Bev was a joke. Christina is such a phoney and a waste of space I am really suprised that she knew the words to her own song..


I don't care anymore because they screwed Jeff Jenkins over. He should have won.


way to go both Christina & Adam. They are the main reason this show worked & became this successful !

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