The Real Housewives of Orange County Clips: Drama Ahead!

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You won't believe this, but the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special will be filled with tears, screaming matches and a great deal of drama.

At the center of it all? Tamra Barney, whose issues with her ex and whose new, nauseating romance have been a major focus of the season.

Over the course of an hour, Barney...

... accuses Gretchen Rossi of "sleeping with another guy while your fiancé was dying."

... screams: "Is your ass jealous of the s–– that comes out of your mouth?" 

... storms off the set after accusing Jeana Keough of lying fighting with Gretchen's boyfriend, Slade Smiley.

Fun times ahead, huh? The excitement will air on Bravo on June 12.

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I think its time for a "Housewives from the Hood" version. Boring, bitchy white women is very pasee. Let's
juice it up a bit with some real drama.


go bye bye tamra.let season 8 be alexis,jeana,gretchen,we will see how the 2 new girls do.sarah and heather.and i know vicki will stay till the end.she is the first housewive to last this long.if the 2 new gals do not work out.well i started likeing seaon 5 best.well the end of 4.i watched the old ones not as good.last season peggy was boaring.fake and tred to brown noise one side from the begining.alexis fav.she always stays the same.her beliefs and all.last year jeana raised ratings.come back and let tamra go.thanks bev


Alexis,is my fav.tamra was so hateful last season.she says on housewive is really wealthy.o really.her hubby is now being sued.witch i normally do not care.i do not judge people.let me no when you nay-sayers walk on water,i think tamra got breast reduction because she is trying to be like gretchen.she says so 80.well you had them in the late 90 or had them when you were alexis have no reason to put her are alot order than her and you had work done at that age.on season said how beautiful her and her mom were.alexis speaking of the lord does not make her phony.i hope gretchen does not fall for crap.tamra said so many awful things about your back.alexis you have alot of believers out here.stay strong.bevy!


to be honest i think that Gretchen is a user she used a rich man for his money then when he was dieing she slept around yeah thats pretty sick, tamra is the most genuine person on that show, my idol to to be honest. team tamra!


Jeanne & Geachen are the best!! The only two womena on this stupid show with any class!!! Vickie is a victim. Its always everyone else fautl. She is getting excatly what she deserves!! Tamra is trailer trash. Always has been and always will be!!


Tamra is trash!! Always has been and always will be. Cant buy class!!


I hate Jenna she is a noisy bitch! Tamra has the right to be upset! Simon was so mean to Tamra,i'm glad she left him, she's dating a sexy new man, and you can tell he just adore's herI hope it works out for her. As far as Geachen, she used Jeff...I think after time being w him she start to care for him, but i now that wasn't the case when they first started dating. she seen dollar signs. Tamra was right to speck her mind,not to mention , the ex boyfriend called Tamra, and i believe every word Tamra said the Ex told her about Geachen!!!


Tamara Barney should be ashamed of the way she acts of RHOOC. She's nothing but trailer park trash and her and Vicki deserve eachother. They are both rudes egotistical people that need to be brought down an few notches. Losers. I love Gretchen, she was a jerk this season but the other 2 deserved it after the way they've treated her over the years. Jeana didn't do anything wrong but maybe talk to the press but she didn't push Tamara or anything and was way classier than T.


Watching Tamra is not fun. She doesn't belong in those beautiful houses at upscale parties. She and her mom behaved like Trailer Park Trash. Tamra belongs at some Clam Shack downing some Jack Daniels. I think she's a closet alcoholic. I applaud Gretchen for telling Tamra what a hypocrite she is. I wouldn't watch the show if it weren't for Gretchen, who is real.


I love Jeanna. I think she was wrong to speak to the press but in no way deserved the response she got from Tamra. Tamra has always acted like an animal when she's angry. She's gross.