The Real Housewives of New York City Season Finale Preview: Who Thinks She's Preggers?!?

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Ramona Singer is desperate for attention. This is apparent to any viewer of The Real Housewives of New York City.

But sources tell Pop Eater that you won't believe the lengths to which this 54-year old will go on next month's season finale: she'll take a pregnancy test.

"It's so pathetic," an insider says of the July 25 episode. "LuAnn is singing a duet with a superstar performer and Ramona decides to announce she might be having a baby... what will she do next, announce she's bisexual?"

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The success of a former Housewife has apparently got into Ramona's ever-growing head.

"Ramona sees herself as the next [Bethenny Frankel]," a Bravo source said. "She insisted that in almost every scene she appeared promoting her own wine [Ramona Pinot Grigio]. However, that backfired when the producers showed her drinking so much it led many to wonder if she has a problem."

That's easy: she does. But it doesn't have anything to do with alcohol.

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Umm Lynn..yes, there have been cases of women that old having a baby...through implantation methods..not naturally. Any show you watch where a woman is that old having a child, has gone through invitro procedures to become so. Even Cindy at age 40-something admitted that her twins were as a result of invitro after failed attempts with her boyfriend. Romona is delusional..just look at her eyes..she is either a drunk, or a psycho.


is she that stupppppiiiiddddat her age 54 could be m e n o p a u s e ,.mm


luann some one previous epoisode said she sounds like madoona guess then they are all tone deaf just like luann,.mm


i think the brunettes are nicer than the blondes , alex has a frankenstein looking face , so how the hell she got into modeling , lu annes song to jill for her b day was weird and they all to busy trying to out do eother other kelly is the only one not acting nuts , simon i think is gay as the day is long ,. the girls bringing ramonas daughter to a sex shop for sojas party was in apprpoate and they show them doing weird things all the time so who made them judge and jury to lu ann and her music video,. ramona pregant at age 54 that is in sane , menopause,.mm


This reminds me of an episode from "Golden Girls" where Blanche, a 45-60 year old women, who thought she was pregnant, even after she took a pregnancy test, twice. Finds out its menopause. Same situation.


Forget about Ramona, what the hell happened to the countess, Dahling?? She's a bitch, and mean. And what the hell is Jill blaming Ramona for her break up with Betheney. No wonder Ramona's a basket case, when your weird then you add friends like that, it just makes for more crazy!!


These women have way too much time and money on their hands, they need to get a life. Ramona and Alex are NO models, Alex is so homely, poor thing, and Ramona has crazy eyes. LouAnn does not have a drop of class, manners or any reason to have such a hight opinion of herself. Jill, Sonja, and the lady with the
twins are way too nice and have too much on the ball to associate with the other nut cases.


U are a trainwreck!!!!!!! Girl---u are scary, and you need God.


Why are you bring Jill into this? Jill is a sweet heart! She has gone out of her way to try to fix her relationship with Ramona. Ramona needs to stop moaning. She is a whiner not a wino! Get off the high vine and relax.