The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Debt Becomes Her ...

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Be it in Morocco or New York, the Real Housewives can't stay out of trouble or each other's business. Let's recap their ups and downs with our +/- review!

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    I'm so OVER the housewives..they either file bankrupcy after making us watch their overingulgence pretending to be affluent or playing to the camera in hopes of landing a Bethany-type show.
    I'm switching to Mob Wives!!!!


    i have no idea how to feel anymore about all these lost housewives of.... planet earth. geeze louise. they need guidance, like most of us i supose. they dont have the luxury of scripts like real tv shows. the bloopers happen right in front of us. oh well. good luck to the one in debt.. i hope she gets re-run money from bravo. do they get paid??? just curious


    dear god. i turn the channel and i see ramona laying the bomb on him, ON CAMERA about the physics revelation of 'another woman'. he covers very nicely, i imagine cuz he knows her so dam well. then we see alex and her man, as alex is trying on all those new clothes. ramona is so weird. alex is weird. both their husbands were put on the spot, and had to appear as KEN DOLLS, while their wives were in over drive to arouse them. I turned the channel. it was embarrassing to watch the 4 of them being so dammed uncomfortable. ewwwwwwwwwwwww


    A friend of mine, Les Hilton, no longer living, owned & trained the horse Mr. Ed. I asked Les once what he looked at first when assessing a new horse. I thought he would say legs, teeth, or feet. Nope. He said the eyes. He wanted to see if a horse had a 'kind eye'. It's the same with people. I know several whom I wouldn't trust a bit based on that standard. A great example of a not-so-kind eye is Ramona. If she were a horse I wouldn't walk around behind her, as she would probably kick you when least expected.


    LMAO you go girl....who's SWARMY now...LMAO


    Yo seeko........LMAO......

    Get some urban

    Swarmy is a conflation of the words "swarthy" and "smarmy". Originally intended to be an insulting term referring to an unsavoury person with a shallow personality and a less-than-appealing set of grooming and dress habits.



    people it just a show and do you really thinks people act this way in real life get over it thats why bravo has these shows. stop being so judgemental about everything thing life is to short move on no one really cares it seems you still watches it. and just want to bring them down to your size and no iam not that ramona i had this name before her. and remember no one is perfect. god bless..


    "Swarmy?" Like, they're a swarm?? I think you meant "smarmy." Didn't your spellcheck try to tell you that your "word" wasn't one? Seriously the public education system in this country is the reason Americans are currently just like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns. (Do you even know to what that refers???)


    It sounds like the reviewer finds them as idiotic as the rest of us. Luann and Alex were so petty and pathetic it was funny. Luann stoops to making fun of her shoes? Have they completely regressed back to high school? These women are pathetic but it's entertaining to watch but you wouldn't want to know the in real life. They're horrible but funny.


    The show is ridiculous, especially in an economy where real people are absolutely suffering. Feeling sorry for some bitch with a bunch of lawyers who will get her out of 19 millions dollars in debt so she can just turn right around and get herself back in it? Please, I'm crying; if I arrange my schedule carefully, I might be able to pencil in a sob. But, you know the thing that I find MOST aggravating? I find most annoying the fact this is considered ENTERTAINMENT and these women are praised by people like the reviewer for their absolute vileness. "Minus 100" to all THAT crap, thanks.

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