The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Renewed for Season 4!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are moving, and returning.

Bravo has announced that the series will move to Sunday nights, beginning with the next episode, and will also be coming back for another season.

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The news comes as a blow to anyone with good viewing taste, as well as to Danielle Staub.

The series has not suffered at all in her absence, with Teresa Giudice'ssister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, and cousin, Kathy Wakile, bringing enough drama to season three to earn its premiere a record high in ratings.


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Yea you can take that banana and shove it up your ass.


Have snack for Monkey. Bo Bo make it special for you.


I don't understand why teresa is on the show , she is a deadbeat the cookbook is a sham , if you watch the show , she doesn't even know what chateaubriand , cooking a fresh turkey , what gives her the experiance as a cook . Anybody could do what she did . Caroline is turning out to be a real costoppo , if its for ratings she is making herself look like an ass , and ruining her image as a descent role model .Back to teresa she sounds stupid and its disgusting , I feel bad for her brother , jacqueline sweet girl but is surrounded by a bunch of drama queens . They all need to be evaluated and look at themselves as disgraces they are no different then Daniele


Hella yea, I am so glad that psycho bitch is gone! And of course this show will continue to be a success; it's one of the better RHW.


I guess Daniele Staubb's prediction that the show would fail without her was wrong. Like she is ever right about anything. The only one I dislike is Melissa Gorga.

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