The Kim Kardashian Wedding Registry Includes...

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The Kris Humphries/Kim Kardashian wedding registry has been unveiled, and the items on it don't uncover anything we don't already know about the reality star.

She's shallow enough to ask for a $46 martini glass from guests? A $43 butter spreader? Not exactly shocking

But the registry does possibly indicate the date of the monumental wedding: it lists the "Event Date" as October 31, 2011.

Kim Kardashian in London

What else is on the registry? The following ridiculous requests:

A Baccarat Missouri Candy Bowl: $375

A Cunill Galaxy Sterling Frame: $470

A Saint James Silver Baba Vacaro Bowl: $330

A Lalique Tourbillon Black Vase: $6500

A Baccarat Eye Large Vase: $950

A Baccarat Missouri Jam Jar: $380

A Baccarat Missouri Mustard Jar: $175

A Moser Bar Bowl: $140

A Lalique Black New York Clock: $1,115

A Lalique Cactus Flacon #2: $450

A Lalique Ingrid Black Vase: $4,625

An Hermes Balcon Du Guadalquivir Black Bread & Butter Plate # 1: $105

An Hermes Balcon Du Guadalquivir Black Bread Plate #4: $105

A Buccellati Torchon Salad Serving Spoon: $880



Showing yet again her true lack of class, Kardashian actually asks for gifts. A person in her position who possesses any class at all would forgo gifts and instead ask for donations to charity. It's not as though they're setting up a new household.


If I hear Kardashian anymore I am gonna scream!!! She is famous for being famous--wowee--another waste of air just like Paris Hilton. Put something in news that matters or that will help something or someone


@aline it's my wedding anniversary.


noooo!!! somebody please stop this from happening!!! october 31st is my birthday! this is a curse!!

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