The Hunger Games to Be Split into Four Movies?

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We may be getting a whole lot of The Hunger Games.

Months prior to the first film in this book trilogy hitting theaters (on March 23), Lionsgate has told Wall Street analysts that it may very well expand the final movie into two parts.

It's a money-grabbing strategy that has worked brought in hundreds of millions for Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga.

The Hunger Games Books

"We have distributors who consider this as their big brand next year, the movie that can change their company," said motion picture group president Joe Drake.

Considering the wild popularity of the story, and the incredible cast (Jennifer Lawrence! Elizabeth Banks! Donald Sutherland!), it's easy to see why.

But where would the split even occur between the second and third books? And, as much as we adore Katniss, Peeta and company, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

What do you think? Should The Hunger Games be expanded into four movies?


No. That is a terrible decision.
I hated Mockingjay. Easily the worst book in the series. I'll go see it if it's made into just one movie, but you can count me out if you are splitting that $h!% into two parts. I'm for real.
Three books, three movies. This isn't Twilight, where the fans are so ridiculously crazy they'll spend their money on anything, nor is it Harry Potter, where the ending is so good it actually has a thrilling suspense point to cut off on. It would be more costly, and the last book is far too connected. Splitting it into two parts will make it make LESS sense then it already did, what with Katniss going bats@#$ insane and all. So no. NO.

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