The Green Monster: Lady Gaga Invades Japan

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According to a certain member of The Muppets, it's not easy being green.

Well, unless you're Lady Gaga, who's been known to don outfits made of muppets, but opted for a simple green ensemble (with hair) as she arrived at Japan's Narita International Airport Tuesday for an appearance there.

The Green Monster

By Lady Gaga standards, this is fairly uneventful!

We've seen Lady Gaga bald. Then we saw her with blue hair. Now she's dyed it green, all in the span of a week. This is one hard-working style chameleon!

Sporting an all-green get-up, Mother Monster rocked a Pray for Japan bracelet as a nod to the ongoing restoration efforts in the tsunami-rocked country.

Gaga will appear at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards on Saturday.



I'm happy coz she's wearing something normal for the first time.But her hair looks like grass!!!!


I like the green hefty bag she is wearing,I used one this morning after mowing the grass.


Enough already. Personally I wish she would just sing her songs and perform. The look she has is just stupid and it doesn't make her voice any better or worse so why go so crazy with the outfits?


hate the jacket but love the hair and finally normal shoes but why green????


This is very normal for her. She's covered and wearing normal shoes. One crazy bitch but i love her

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